A Taste of Savannah

Your taste buds will be glad you came to Savannah— but your waistline might not be. The city offers a quantity and variety of restaurants completely out of proportion to its size.

The recipe just adds up: Take plenty of fresh shrimp, crab, and fish from local waters, mix in the cultural contacts that go with more than 250 years as a seaport, consider the long growing season and the agricultural tradition of the South in general, then flavor with a generous helping of legendary Southern hospitality. The result is scores of restaurants serving just about every type of food imaginable. The setting improves the flavor of food, as any good hostess will tell you. Savannah’s restaurants serve their guests in unique settings that include the stonewalled halls of former cotton warehouses on the river front, balconies overlooking breathtaking marshes, historic mansions with antique furnishings, and unpretentious little places nestled under towering oaks.

Remember the scene in the movie “Forrest Gump” in which the character Bubba launched into an extensive list of ways to prepare shrimp? Well, in Savannah you’ll find at least that many ways of serving this local favorite. If your day takes you out to Tybee Island, you’re likely to spot shrimp boats, often working surprisingly close to the beach. And if your meal involves shrimp, you are about to discover what an amazing difference real freshness— as opposed to being iced down and flown inland—can make in its flavor.