Savannah Nightlife

Anything But A Drag

Savannah’s traditional nightlife is an at-home thing. It has perfected the art of hospitality and party giving, and the night’s best food, drink, and entertainment is probably being served up in someone’s backyard, on their dock, or in their living room.

If you have friends, family, or savvy business acquaintances in town, chances are good you’ll get a chance to see what we mean. That doesn’t mean you’re out of luck if you don’t have an invitation, however. Savannah has plenty of nightspots to entertain guests, and locals turn out, too, when they’re tired of the homegrown party thing. The bar and entertainment scene falls into three general categories: River Street, a restored area along the Savannah River that was refurbished with just this sort of thing in mind; City Market, a restored quadrant of the Historic Downtown that’s heavy on clubs and bars as well as shops; and a variety of watering holes and entertainment sites scattered along routes to the south of the city (the Southside, in local parlance).

If you don’t have something very specific in mind (say, jazz or a sports bar), our advice is to follow your ear, literally. Visitors will fare better on River Street and in City Market, where there are lots of nightspots clustered together. You can follow the music you hear spilling out the doors and wander conveniently from site to site. We’re not scoffing at the Southside offerings: It’s just that the nightspots there are more scattered, making it harder for someone unfamiliar with the terrain to get around.