Parque do Estado, Sao Paulo

Parque do Estado, Sao Paulo (©Andreaantunes/iStock)

Parque do Estado

This large park, housing the botanical and zoological gardens, lies 15km south of the centre at Água Funda. The Jardim Botânico has a vast garden esplanade surrounded by magnificent stone porches, with lakes and trees and places for picnics, and a very fine orchid farm worth seeing during the flowering season (November to December). More than 19,000 different kinds of orchids are cultivated, with orchid exhibitions in April and November. Howler monkeys, guans and toco toucans can be seen here towards the end of the day. Open Tue-Sun 9am-5pm.

Avenida Miguel Stefano 3687
Agua Funda
São Paulo - SP