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San Francisco Art Exchange is a worldwide leader in art and photographs from rock 'n' roll and pop culture. The gallery features original photographs, paintings, drawings and limited-edition prints of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix and more.

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San Francisco Art Exchange works with over 200 important artists and photographers whose contributions to our collective visual history and cultural narrative are immeasurable.

We are honored to represent many examples of the most significant popular iconography of the past 100 years by some of the most prominent artists and photographers who produced them.

Founded in 1983, San Francisco Art Exchange is recognized as both pioneers and world leaders in the presentation, display and sale of renowned pop iconography in the form of artwork and photography. After many years as dealers in fine work by modern European masters, our artistic curiosity led us to migrate toward art and imagery as a form of popular language. We realized that popular iconography is, in effect, the language a culture uses to speak to itself in real time. These communications then become valued parts of historical record. Our mission is to discuss the timeless importance of this imagery that has become part of the popular consciousness. With this guiding thesis we have built a rich archive and deep relationships across the music, film, sports and publishing worlds.

With subjects like The Beatles, Stones, Dylan and Queen, to Marley, Miles, Bowie, Aretha and Johnny Cash our selection of music photography is unparalleled. In addition to music, icons like Marilyn Monroe, Muhammed Ali, Martin Luther King, Jr. and John F. Kennedy are among other bigger than life subjects that are part of our vast collection. Also, photos taken during conflict and spectacle which resonate in the popular narrative such as the Viet Nam War, Woodstock, Israel-Egypt Peace negotiations and others have found a home at San Francisco Art Exchange.

Among the personalities who are themselves icons and who also produce art or photos that we exhibit include Ronnie Wood, Graham Nash, Pattie Boyd and Ringo Starr.

Some of the great illustrators and album cover artists whose artwork we represent include Alberto Vargas, Roger Dean, Storm Thorgerson and Stanley Mouse.

Over many years we have become known for our major exhibitions with well-known artists and performers in attendance. We’ve also hosted many significant events at our downtown gallery. Among several of these, our proudest have been a live performance given by Brian Wilson and his band, Graham Nash and a special talk by Clarence Jones about the Civil Rights Movement and his friendship with Martin Luther King, Jr.

As a large venue in downtown San Francisco, with a distinctive collection on our walls, our space is also occasionally available for corporate events and meetings.

To take a virtual tour of our gallery, click here for a Google 360 look.

458 Geary St
San Francisco, CA 94102
United States

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