Experience the Excitement of the Mill Valley Film Festival

Celebrities and film makers descend into the quaint town of Milly Valley

Celebrate the best of American independent and international film in an eleven-day cinema event with the reputation for launching new films and creating award season buzz. Films, Tributes, panels, parties and live performances set against the backdrop of beautiful Marin County delight filmmakers and audiences alike.

Showcasing international, national and regional film premieres, the Mill Valley Film Festival gives you a chance to  rub shoulders with marquee Hollywood directors and celebrities.  Come and enjoy the red carpet photo ops, on-stage interviews, and tribute nights. You might event get a glimpse of stars like Nicole Kidman, Rosamunde Pike, Amy Adams, Steve Carell, and Emma Stone, just to name a small sampling from recent years.

Add in the after-parties, the energy of film goers lining up outside theaters, the extensive offering of international documentaries and feature films, and sightings of the likes of Uma Thurman in Muir Woods or recognizable film faces causally walking around town. MVFF has perfected a multi-faceted, multi-day event that blows a gust of cinematic stardust into the Bay Area’s autumn air.



OCTOBER 3 - 13, 2019




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