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America's Best Getaways For Wine Lovers

Uncork your favorite flavors from coast to coast!

There’s nothing better than taking a trip to a vineyard. You can bring your family and friends to see how your favorite flavors get made, and you’ll sip it right at the source, like a true wine aficionado.

With the warmer weather beginning to come back, now is the perfect time to make a sojourn to wine country. There are wine tours and trails in every corner of the country, so connoisseurs can find just what they’re looking for wherever they go. Here are some of the best places to go throughout the U.S. for all wine enthusiasts.

The Best Wine Destinations in America For Wine Lovers

Charlottesville, VA

One of the more popular East Coast wine destinations can be found in Virginia. Charlottesville is a city that boasts wine tours throughout the area. It’s home to the Monticello Wine Trail, a span of wine country created by Thomas Jefferson. There are over 40 wineries along this trail (like Afton Mountain Vineyards).

Make it a luxe visit with a vineyard jaunt in a limo, or try a more offbeat option with a ride on a trolley! Some tours also include lunch so that you can pair your libation with the perfect small bite.

Afton Mountain Vineyards Virginia | WhereTraveler
(Courtesy Afton Mountain Vineyards)

Napa Valley, CA

When you think of wine destinations, Napa Valley is probably your first choice. It’s become the nation’s home for wine lovers, as you’ll find some of the best quality wine created at their award-winning vineyards. Whether you’re in the mood for red, white or sparkling wine, you’ll find the perfect winery for you.

This slice of wine country knows what it’s all about, so you’ll find tours waiting for you along its trails that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re riding in a VW bus, an air tram or on a bike, you’ll feel the California sunshine on you while you imbide. Some wineries like Grgich Hills Estate offer activities like grape stomping. 

Grapevines at Grgich Hills in Napa Valley | WhereTraveler
Grapevines at Grgich Hills Estate in Napa Valley

Seneca Lake, NY

While vineyards can’t be found in New York City, you can still see them in the state if you travel up north. The Finger Lakes region is host to several vineyards that you can travel to on the Seneca Lake Wine Trail. You can start out in either Geneva or Watkins Glen and travel to over 40 wineries along the coast, like Fox Run Vineyards.

Whichever direction you’re going, you’ll be treated to a tour of some of the best wine in the state throughout the day. The tours also offer you and your party lunches, so you’ll have the perfect meal to go with your glass.

Fox Run Vineyards in Seneca Lake, New York | WhereTraveler
Fox Run Vineyards in Seneca Lake (©Jessica Worden/Courtesy Fox Run Vineyards)

Fredericksburg, TX

The town of Fredericksburg has over 50 vineyards and tasting rooms for you to explore throughout its gorgeous hills. The surrounding areas are also home to numerous wineries like William Chris Vineyards.

With so many options, it may be hard to know where to start. Luckily, you have plenty of choices when deciding how you want to see them. There are 20 wine tours established in the area that show you the best of these vineyards. You can hop on a shuttle with your party and spend time in the local vineyards for a full day, a half-day or take a private tour.

William Chris Vineyard in Hye, Texas | WhereTraveler
William Chris Vineyard in Hye, Texas (©Michelle Williams)

Boise, ID

Idaho may not be the first place you think of when it comes to wine destinations, but Boise has plenty to offer when you visit. Its vineyards are located at the foot of the Boise Mountains, so you’ll have a great view while getting a taste of fresh wine. Four tours are waiting to take you through the vineyards, and they offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you want to explore a classic vineyard with old-fashioned tastes or have a more modern wine tasting experience, Boise has you covered. For a more stylish tour, visit downtown Boise and step into their wine tasting rooms on the Urban tour. No matter what your wine tasting style is, you’ll find it waiting for you in the Gem State. 

Vineyard Vines | WhereTraveler
Vineyard Vines (©Jose Alfonso Sierra)

Santa Fe, NM

If you’re in the Southwest but don’t want to take a trip to Napa, there are vineyards close by that offer you drinks that are just as delicious. While Santa Fe’s wine country is much smaller than other vineyards throughout the country, their drinks are created just as fresh and offer a taste of something different you won’t find anywhere else.

One of the city’s highlights is Black Mesa Winery & Cidery—the winery ships to many states around the country, so you can enjoy their cabernet sauvignon from home. Sip a glass of their delicious twists on Pinot Grigio, Syrah and Riesling made from grapes grown right in their vineyards.

If wine isn’t your style, drink some of their hard ciders made from the best apples in the state. Once your glass is empty, take a walk through the grounds’ labyrinth and get a piece of New Mexico history by spotting petroglyphs along the trail. 

Grapes Ready For Harvesting | WhereTraveler
Grapes Ready For Harvesting (©Thomas Schaefer)

Kansas City, MO

Wineries exist throughout the country, and you can even find them in the Midwest! Kansas City offers a taste of something more modern for visitors and shows them that good wine can be created anywhere. You’ll find vineyards wherever you go, thanks to the Kansas City Wine Road, a series of tours that showcase the numerous vineyards throughout the area.

Vineyards like TerraVox create their wines with a variety of grapes grown on their property, and you can have a taste of classic flavors like white, red or rosé waiting for you to try. Many of the city’s vineyards also offer amenities to visitors like being dog and kid-friendly, an outdoor patio for you to see the gorgeous Missouri horizon while you drink and event spaces to make your visit even more special.

Vox Vineyards in kansas City, Missouri | WhereTraveler
Terravox Vineyards in kansas City (©Terravox)

Traverse City, MI

If you’re looking for wineries to visit further north, take a trip to Traverse City in Michigan! The city hosts several vineyards along its peninsulas with a view of the beautiful waters of Grand Traverse Bay. There are over 30 vineyards for you to explore along the Leelanau Peninsula Wine Trail and the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula, leaving you with plenty of wine options to try throughout the day.

The city’s tour guides want to keep you on the move while you visit, so you’ll travel to these vineyards in ways you never thought to try. You can get to your destination by bus, trolley, bike and even kayak! Traverse City’s tours will help you reach your destination in style, and there’s no better reward than a delicious glass of wine waiting for you on the water. 

Vineyard Grapes on the Vine | WhereTraveler
Vineyard Grapes on the Vine (©Mika Baumeister)

Brandywine Valley, PA

One slice of wine country is hidden in plain sight along the East Coast. If you’re in Southeast Pennsylvania, be sure to check out the vineyards in Brandywine Valley. There are seven options for you to try along the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail that offer wines unique to the region. You can learn about the process of how they’re made and get a sip once they’re through!

Most of the vineyards like Paradocx Vineyard are family-owned (and it's been noted in Wine Spectator), so you’ll have a taste of some of the finest home-grown grapes and wines in the area. Once your tour is through, be sure to check out some of the other highlights of the region, like the Conservatory of Longwood Gardens and the Brandywine River Museum. 

Paradocx Vineyard in Brandywine Valley, Pennsylvania | WhereTraveler
Paradocx Vineyard in Brandywine Valley (©Trish Brown/Courtesy Paradocx Vineyard)


Wineries and vineyards are a reasonably new addition to Vermont, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t any less good. You’ll find plenty of vineyards hiding inside the hills, and each one offers unique flavors for you to try. Their grounds grow various grapes to make their white, red and dessert wines, and you’ll also find other fruit growing like blueberries.

There are 15 vineyards for you to visit throughout the state, and they’ve found a way to make your experience fun. When you visit a winery, you’ll receive a passport that will give you a stamp to mark your visit. With each one you visit, you’ll get another stamp. Once your passport has ten stamps, you can send it in to be drawn for a chance to win a gift certificate.

Vineyard Harvest | WhereTraveler
Vineyard Harvest (©Andrea Cairone)