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49ers' Kaepernick on Fitness, Travel and San Francisco

Star quarterback Colin Kaepernick shares what he loves about the Bay Area (and what it's like to roll up with a police escort)

Being the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers means a couple things. Number one: You work out A LOT. Number two: You're going to have to flip an occasional tire or two. Or at least, so says San Francisco’s fittest star of the moment, Niners QB Colin Kaepernick, who sat down with Where at a recent media appearance at the Ronald McDonald House in San Francisco to talk police escorts, running through Southern California and visiting Union Square.

The team facility is down in Santa Clara. You live in the South Bay. And the stadium is out in Bayview. How often do you actually make it up to San Francisco proper?

I'm not in the city very often, normally I'm in Santa Clara at our facility, watching film, practicing. It's a little bit of a drive up here—when I do come up, normally it's for something important. It's amazing to be at an event like this. The Ronald McDonald House is giving back to families and the kids that are going through things. They really help them out and try to uplift them in their time of need.

When you're not in San Francisco for an appearance you're...

I've been to Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz and Union Square a couple times, mainly the big places around here. During the season it's hard, with very little time to do a lot of things. Normally during the season I'm back in Santa Clara. In the off-season, normally I'm training out of California. This past off-season I was in Atlanta.

You rolled up to this interview with a police escort, I can't even imagine how crazy a trip to Union Square gets.

Well, I don't go as much anymore [laughs].

What's an off-season workout look like for an NFL guy? Do you have time to kayak around the bay catching fly balls, or are you holed up in a gym somewhere?

Depends day-to-day, but normally from 8 am to 12 or 1 pm, that's when our training takes place. Then we have the afternoon free. The 49ers will kind of give us guidelines, but for the most part, guys go to training facilities they feel comfortable with and get their work in there.

This is your third season in the league. Has your off-season approach changed?

It has changed a little bit as far as what I'm trying to get done while I'm training. I used to try to get as big as I could. Now it's I want to be strong, but I want to be flexible and mobile at the same time.

Fittest guy on the team, go...

Vernon [Davis] or Patrick Willis, one of those two. They're both freaks of nature.

I've read a lot about NFL coaches having guys do some pretty unconventional training regimens—everything from ballet to Navy Seal workouts. Has coach Jim Harbaugh ever had you guys do anything weird?

I've done swimming, done tire flipping, done some cross-country hill runs. I'm a fan of a little more conventional workout [laughs].

Most challenging one?

I would say the hardest one that caught me off guard was when I was in L.A. training and we ran Runyon Canyon. We ran to the bottom, and I thought that was the workout. Got to the bottom, and we had to run back up through the hills. I wasn't quite ready for that one.