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Where Chef Stuart Brioza of San Francisco's State Bird Provisions Eats

A conversation with the chef/owner of the wildly successful, James Beard Award-winning restaurant

The Bay Area is home to some of the most ambitious, inventive and discriminating chefs of the moment. One of them is Stuart Brioza, the chef and owner of State Bird Provisions, the 2013 James Beard Award winner for Best New Restaurant and Bon Appetit magazine’s Restaurant of the Year in 2012. The Progress, his new restaurant next door, was just nominated for the 2014 James Beard Award for Best New Restaurant.


Stuart Brioza
Stuart Brioza (©Freda Banks)

How would you define your approach to cooking?

Open-minded. Inspired by what's around. 

What is dining at your restaurant like?

Warm, friendly, delicious, fun and adventurous


The restaurant's eponymous California quail with provisions
The restaurant's eponymous California quail with provisions (©Freda Banks)

What distinguishes San Francisco restaurants from New York restaurants?

In San Francisco, we have beautiful, organic ingredients year round and intimate chef driven restaurants. In New York, it’s about service, large-scale restaurants and awesome East Coast seafood.

Whats your favorite thing that youve eaten in San Francisco?

Local anchovies. Amazing!

Ice cream sandwich
Ice cream sandwich (©Freda Banks)

If you only had 24 hours in San Francisco, where would you eat?

For breakfast, a bagel, knish or strudel at 20th Century Cafe. Next, an oyster lunch at Swan Oyster Depot followed by an afternoon Americano at Blue Bottle Coffee and a roast chicken dinner at Zuni Cafe. Then beers at Toronado, and finally, a late-night burger at Nopa

Any kitchen tips for us cooking at home?

Pay close attention to salt, acid, fats and texture.