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Trend: Beautiful Murals in San Francisco Restaurants

Art adorns the walls of the city's hottest dining establishments.

San Francisco is a food town, and eating out is probably its residents’ favorite pastime. Part of the fun is delighting in ever-evolving dining trends. In the latest craze, art leaps from gallery walls to restaurant walls. Here are six of the many murals elevating some of the hottest spots in the city.  

Trou Normand


Trou Normand art in San Francisco
Trou Normand (©F. Jason Campbell)

Located in a dramatic Art Deco skyscraper built in 1925, Trou Normand has the air of a bohemian era in New York or Paris. Art plays a prominent role. A large reclining classical nude illustrated by New York artist Ebecho Muslimova overlooks the restaurant’s still life worthy plates of charcuterie and a sizable selection of Calvados, an apple brandy from Normandy. 140 New Montgomery St., San Francisco


ABV restaurant in San Francisco
Come view the art at ABV while enjoying delicious comfort foods. (©Melissa Chow)

This stylish bar stirs up craft cocktails and cross-cultural comfort foods like falafel lamb corn dogs and chicken potpie empanadas. The owners recruited friend and artist Nathaniel Russell, a T-shirt designer, to enliven a large dining room wall with a pair of hands painted in the artist's trademark folksy-hip style. 3174 16th St., San Francisco  

ICHI Sushi + Ni Bar

ICHI Sushi in San Francisco
This ICHI Sushi wall art gives visitors tips on how to best eat their food. (©Alanna Hale)

Artist Erik Marinovich created this huge, glossy mural to lend diners fun, lighthearted advice on how to eat sushi. Hint: put down the chopsticks and set aside the soy sauce! The team at ICHI—named for the Japanese word for one—abides by its own guidelines, focusing on the sustainability of the fish they use to make some of San Francisco’s favorite sushi. 3282 Mission St., San Francisco 

Zero Zero

Pinocchio wall art at Zero Zero restaurant in San Francisco
See the beloved puppet become entwined in pizza ingredients at Zero Zero. (©Michael Brennan)

This seductive two-story spot draws crowds with its upscale Neapolitan pizza made from rarefied doppio zero, or zero zero, flour. Diners also get to view the richly evocative mural "Pinocchio’s Demise," which depicts the storied Italian puppet intertwined in pizza ingredients. Artist Michael Brennan sought to create buzz around the dining room, and he succeeded when the piece famously befuddled a major food critic in town. 826 Folsom St., San Francisco

Urchin Bistrot

Urchin Bistrot in San Francisco
Urchin Bistrot (©Hiro Sone)

Co-owner Hiro Sone set down his chef hat to paint a charming Parisian-style street scene that slyly incorporates landmarks from the surrounding Mission District neighborhood. His inspiration? A loose chalk drawing that graced the cover of his first French cookbook. Urchin adapts Paris’ bistronomique trend, employing Michelin-star-worthy technique and seasonal ingredients in dishes served in a casual setting. 584 Valencia St., San Francisco

Naked Lunch

Naked Lunch restaurant in San Francisco
This Naked Lunch wall art uses animals to show the good times people have at the neighborhood eatery. (©Garrick Ramirez)

For this tongue-in-cheek North Beach mural, neighborhood artist Jeremy Fish created an “Animal Farm style dinner scene attended by a motley assortment of roguish-looking animals that represent meats that chef Ian Begg likes to cook. Drop by Naked Lunch for a pint of craft beer and order the fried chicken sandwich. 504 Broadway St., San Francisco