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Meet Larry Baer, the Man Behind the San Francisco Giants

The CEO of the San Francisco Giants talks baseball and San Francisco.

An icon in professional sports and a fourth generation San Franciscan, Larry Baer has worked with the Giants for more than two decades, a legacy that includes leading the construction of the stunning AT&T Park. The team draws more than 3 million fans annually and has celebrated two World Series wins in the past four years.



AT&T Park
AT&T Park (©Super Stock Alamy)

As a key player in getting the stadium built, what do you consider the best thing about AT&T Park?

The water. This is a city of views, and being on the water is an amazing part of our world. From pretty much every seat—except my seat, which is pretty much right on the field—you can always see the water. You can’t take that away from us. In first place or last place, on a warm or cold day—looking at the water is really relaxing.


What’s your favorite thing to eat at the stadium?

I love some of the non-traditional stuff at the ballpark. One of the signatures is the Crazy Crab’z sandwich. I love the teriyaki noodle bowl. And there’s nothing like a really good kosher hot dog. But I’m on a hot dog ration. I’ll have about one a month. For a healthy option, there’s a really good turkey breast sandwich.


How many Giants games do you attend in a year?

I go to about 100 games, home and way. When I’m not at the stadium, I like watching the game with my family at home.


Do you have a favorite bar?

The original Perry’s on Union. It’s my go-to place that amazingly stands the test of time. If you want to see true Giants fans, that’s a good spot.


What’s your favorite corner of the city?

Lands End
(©Mason Cummings/Parks Conservancy)

For exercise, I like going to Lands End and walking and running on the trails. It’s one of the most beautiful corners on earth. On a nice day it’s incomparable. On a foggy day it’s a great place to clear your mind.


Are you a regular at any restaurants?

Slanted Door
(©Slanted Door)

I’ve gone to Slanted Door for years. It’s a world above. I like the unique-to-San-Francisco places like Cotogna too.


Where do you go to escape the city for a day?

There’s something about Carmel. I play some golf there. The vibe is pretty special and relaxing, even just walking along the ocean.


Tell us about growing up a Giants fan.

I remember taking the bus to games at Candlestick Park with my dad and watching Willie Mays in center field and Bobby Bonds in right field. We’d sit right down by the right field line.


What has been your proudest Giants moment?

When we saved the team in 1992, when the team was about to move to Florida. It would have been a crushing blow to the community. We were one foot and four toes out the door. Next would be opening day at the new ballpark. And winning both World Series is way up there, but if you don’t have the team in San Francisco and the new ballpark, you don’t have those wins.


How would you describe living in San Francisco?

The city is the perfect blend of beauty, livability and urban life. It has a stimulating work culture and world-class arts. It’s the West Coast version of New York City, and it’s the most European American city with its character and charm.


What do you love about working with the Giants?

I love walking in the stands and seeing mothers and sons, fathers and daughters, grandparents and grandchildren—all interacting and enjoying the experience, win or lose. To me that’s the business we’re in.



My Perfect Day


Lands End
Coastal Trail (©Mason Cummings/Parks Conservancy)


I’d get up and go for a walk or run at Lands End. Then I’d go to Peet’s Coffee for green tea. I’d have a great breakfast at Ella’s on Presidio Avenue.



The neighborhoods are special here. I’d walk around the Fillmore, Mission, Noe Valley or the Marina. They’re all beautiful.



Then I’d take some public transportation—maybe the cable car—downtown. I’d walk around the Ferry Building and have dinner at Slanted Door. Then I’d walk from Market Street to the ballpark.



After the game, I’d go for a nightcap in North Beach at Tosca.