Four of the Best Healthy Eats in San Francisco

These four San Francisco restaurants create healthy dishes that never sacrifice on flavor.

Finding healthy options when out and about can be difficult, but that’s where this list comes in. Here are some of San Francisco’s healthiest restaurant destinations.

Blue Barn Gourmet 

With so many choices for salad in the city, it’s tough to narrow them down. But Blue Barn Gourmet stands above the rest. With hearty portions and pure ingredients, this green heaven is the perfect place to stop by for lunch. 2105 Chestnut St., 415.441.3232; 3344 Steiner St., 415.896.4866; 2237 Polk St., 415.655.9438

Favorite Dish: Tostada Chicken Salad ($13.75)

Sidewalk Juice

Acai bowls are a food trend that isn’t going away anytime soon, so why not try one of the best ones in the city? Sidewalk Juice's acai bowl is highly rated by customers and boasts antioxidant-rich combinations of banana, acai puree and strawberry. 3287 21st St., 415.932.6221; 3100 24th St., 415.624.3803

Favorite Dish: Acai Bowl ($11.99)

Basik Cafe

For a taste of Hawaiian health cuisine, look no further than Basik Cafe. Their unique combinations of fruit, cacao, raw vegetables and seasonings are refreshing for the palette. Try their Islander bowl for a fresh combination of granola, acai, goji berries, honey and more. 1958 Polk St., 415.655.3283

Favorite Dish: Islander Bowl ($12)

Nourish Cafe SF

Two words: avocado toast. Nourish Cafe’s twist on this California staple is mouthwatering. By adding an innovative blend of herbs, spices and their own avocado puree, this toasty dish exceeds all expectations. Plus it’s under $10. 189 6th Ave., 415.571.8780; 1030 Hyde St., 415.580.7463

Favorite Dish: Avocado Toast ($8)

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