The Best Burritos in San Francisco, According to Insiders

San Francisco invented the now-ubiquitous Mission-style burrito, and locals have strong opinions about the best place to eat one.

San Francisco is known for the Mission burrito, an especially large version stuffed with rice and other toppings and wrapped in aluminum foil that was popularized in the city’s Mission District. Many residents consider them a staple fast food and have strong opinions about which taqueria produces the best version, so we asked a few of our favorite local experts to weigh in.

Público Urban Taqueria

The flavors are bold, and it’s the perfect size so that doesn’t weigh me down after I eat the whole burrito in under three minutes. Another great thing about this spot: the chips. They’re just the right mix of firm and crunchy. I open the burrito and stuff them in there. Also, the salsa is fresh and herbaceous with a hint of spice. I generally follow the burrito up with a jack cheese quesadilla.
Tai Ricci, co-owner, Hi Neighbor Hospitality Group, @tairicci

La Taqueria

The carne asada burrito at this Mission joint. However, I also highly recommend the carnitas taco (ask for it crispy) with lots of the addictive green sauce. 
Jessica Everett, bar manager, Barvale, @jceverett


You can only get it Saturday and Sundays, but the wet breakfast burrito here is delicious. It comes with chorizo, eggs, beans and tomato sauce on top.
Alberto Soto, bar manager, El Techo, @alberto.soto.duran

Taqueria Cancun

Come here for hands down the super el pastor burrito. If you’re going to go big, you might as well do it right!
Patricio Duffoo, executive chef, Barvale, @epicuro101

La Taqueria

We venture over here whenever we get the craving for a burrito. If we’ve worked up a big appetite from our walk over Potrero Hill into the Mission from Dogpatch, we may even start with a cheese quesadilla!
Jacky and Michael Recchiuti, chocolatiers, Recchiuti Confections, @recchiuticonfections

Taqueria El Farolito

This spot in the Mission is my go-to.
Aaron Feeney, sales and marketing director, Viceroy San Francisco properties@chiguy2xaron

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