15 Reasons Why Sacramento Should Be on Your Stateside Bucket List

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Sacramento with Tower Bridge
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Mural in Sacramento
©Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr, Creative Commons

Colorful murals bring Sacramento's vibrancy into the streets. The 2016 inaugural mural festival was so popular, it's blown up to become Wide Open Walls, which will bring an influx of new artists to Sacramento.

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Sacramento's Craft Beer
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Craft Beer

There are more than 60 breweries in Sacramento. Beer enthusiasts can download the Beer in Sac app to find their favorites, and also get information on beer-centric events. 

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Bike Friendly Sacramento
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Bike-Friendly Sacramento

The playful nature of bike-friendly Sacramento can be seen through bike racks with personality. A number of bike tours can be found throughout the city, but among the most popular is brew biking.

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Outdoor Dining in Sacramento
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Outdoor Dining

Sacramento's temperate climate makes outdoor dining a favorite year-round activity. As America's farm-to-fork capital, you'll find locally sourced ingredients practically everywhere you go.

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Harlow's Restaurant & Nightclub, Sacramento
©Visit Sacramento
Harlow's Restaurant & Nightclub

Sacramento's nightlife scene sizzles, thanks to modern-day supper clubs such as Harlow's, which pair dining with DJs and bands.

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Land Park in Sacramento
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City Parks

Home to gorgeous city parks such as Land Park, Sacramento's lush green spaces provide jogging and bike paths, basketball courts and softball fields to get the blood pumping.

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Sacramento's state capitol building
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Capitol Building

Sacramento's favorite free attraction, the Capitol building is packed full of contemporary art, portraits of California's governors and rare flags. Free tours and films take place daily. 

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Golden 1 Center, Sacramento
©Visit Sacramento
Golden 1 Center

Sustainability is the name of the game at the Golden 1 Center, home to the Sacramento Kings and the music world's biggest stars. It's the world's only 100 percent solar-powered and LEED platinum-certified arena. 

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California State Railroad Museum
©Visit Sacramento
California State Railroad Museum

The heritage of the state's train system is brought to life brilliantly in the Smithsonian-affiliated California State Railroad Museum. Witness 150 years of history through locomotive displays and high-speed simulators. You can also take a ride along the Sacramento River.

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Aerospace Museum of California
©Aerospace Museum of California
Aerospace Museum of California

Celebrate the state's exploration of flight at the Aerospace Museum of California at a four-acre air park that houses more than 50 historic aircraft. You can even make like Tom Cruise and explore a "Top Gun" F-14 Tomcat. It'll take your breath away.

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Old Sacramento
©Visit Sacramento
Old Sacramento

A 28-acre National Historic Landmark District, a visit to Old Sacramento is to step back into the time of the Gold Rush. The city's first retail district is a direct throwback to the prosperity of that era. 

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Delta King Hotel Sacramento
©Visit Sacramento
Delta King Hotel

The majestic Delta King once shuttled commuters between Sacramento and San Francisco. Today, it's a restored hotel and restaurant, and one of Sacramento's unique experiences.

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Sutter's Fort in Sacramento
©Visit Sacramento
Sutter's Fort

The journey of land owner and farmer John Sutter is one of California's greatest examples of pioneer spirit. Explore the camp California settlers once flocked to, and experience life in the 1840s.

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Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento
©Visit Sacramento
Crocker Art Museum

Crocker Art Museum has been open longer than any other art museum in the West. Its gallery building is connected to another masterpiece: founder Edwin B. Crocker's Italian-inspired mansion.

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Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge
©Visit Sacramento
Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge

A bird-watcher's paradise, the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge is home to approximately 300 species. Visitors have also reported seeing red foxes, black bears and mountain lions on the complex.

By Jennifer McKee on 08/07/2017

More people made their way to Sacramento in 2016 than ever before. It's no wonder, given the number of microbreweries, farm-to-table restaurants and health-conscious attractions popping up in this lively but laid-back city. And from the new Golden 1 Center to a number of new hotels on the horizon, Sacramento is only continuing its upswing. Here's what you don't want to miss.