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The Napa Valley of Beer

San Diego’s been called America’s Craft Beer Capital, our local brewers beating out entire countries including Germany, Belgium and the UK at beer competitions. The scene even commands its own annual celebration, San Diego Beer Week (Nov. 2-11). A new book, San Diego’s Top Brewers, offers profiles of 18 of the city’s most interesting craft breweries, from the original (Karl Strauss, opened in 1989) to the famous (Stone) to the upstart (Mother Earth Brew, which brews just 150 barrels per year). In the intro, you’ll learn about IBUs, Firkins and other arcane beer terms and how to tell the difference between a dopplebock and a dunkelweizen; fun sidebars shed light on other local beer-industry players, including a yeast scientist and a baker who uses beer in her cupcake batter. Local chefs offer recipes to accompany each brew (Beeramisu, anyone?), all deliciously photographed in full color. Find the book now at Warwick’s (7812 Girard Ave., La Jolla, 858.454.0347), Bay Books (1029 Orange Ave., Coronado, 619.435.0070) or online at sdtopbrewers.com.