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The Guenther House: San Antonio's Historic House of Pancakes

A historic building nestled in one of Texas' oldest neighborhoods, the Guenther House is a breakfast and brunch staple in downtown San Antonio.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty, home-style breakfast, or just a taste of San Antonio history, the Guenther House has something for every appetite. Originally owned by Carl H. Guenther, this historic 1920s Art Nouveau building is located on the Pioneer Flour Mill property and houses a stunning, ballroom-style restaurant. The full-service menu offers morning delights like Sweet Cream Waffles, as well as afternoon temptations like the Champagne Chicken Enchiladas. Afterward, tour the San Antonio River Mill Store or stroll through the scenic arbor and beautifully landscaped grounds on your way to Guenther’s historic museum. The museum showcases everything from antique china to old-world baking accessories and cooking utensils. The Guenther House also offers a luxurious Roof Garden balcony for special events, business conferences or charitable functions.

205 E. Guenther St., 800-235-8186, www.guentherhouse.com