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5 Things We Love About Discovery Point at SeaWorld San Antonio

Swim with the dolphins at SeaWorld San Antonio's newest dolphin habitat.

Ever wanted to get up close and personal with a bottlenose dolphin? SeaWorld San Antonio's newest addition, Discovery Point, gives guests the chance to suit up like a SeaWorld trainer (wetsuit, footwear and all) and do just that. Check out our top five reasons to visit Discovery Point, and reserve your spot during your upcoming trip to the park. 

1. It's the only place to swim with dolphins in Texas.

Though visitors also can experience swimming alongside playful sea lions and docile Beluga whales at SeaWorld San Antonio, the Dolphin Lagoon—expanded to be bigger and better than ever—affords an opportunity to play with a pod of dolphins (the only other place to get this close to dolphins is at SeaWorld Orlando). Guests will get an overview of the mammals' history and physiology before wading into the shallow water to meet the friendly, fascinating creatures.

2. Plunge into deeper waters, then get a ride back to shore. 

Make a splash into the depths of the lagoon with SeaWorld's signature two-hour experience, which includes one-on-one time with bottlenose dolphins in deeper water before hitching a ride back to shore via dorsal fin. (Guests 6-12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult to swim with the dolphins.)

3. Experience the dolphin habitat without the wet suit (or without getting wet). 

If you'd prefer to stay a spectator, Discovery Point's underwater viewing area invites patrons to see the dolphin pod in their expansive habitat underwater, or from the tropical cove's sandy shores. Learn how dolphins eat, interact and play from this unique perspective before exploring the rest of the park. 

4. It is home to more than dolphins. 

Learn about the park's conservation efforts at Explorer's Reef, which houses several species of sharks (many of which are endangered), as well as exotic fish, living coral reef and more. Try to spot the tiny, brightly-hued blue and green poison dart frogs and discover how these unique animals thrive and coexist in this tropical ecosystem. 

5. Swim alongside Beluga whales and sea lions. 

This island-like oasis offers access to more memorable SeaWorld San Antonio experiences, including playtime with Beluga whales and a fascinating lesson on their sweet and docile nature at Beluga Bay (fun fact: the 'fatty mass' on their foreheads is thought to be a sonar system—how cool is that?!). Continue to be amazed at Sea Lion Shallows, where visitors have a chance to see just how smart and savvy sea lions really are: These "water canines" (or "aquatic dogs") will follow many of the same commands Fido hears at home, from "speak" and "stay" to "go fetch!"