Summer Drinking Is Banned in Rome

Rome might be a little less fun this summer.

Travelers wanting to party all night will have to go somewhere other than Rome this summer.

Rome's mayor, Virginia Raggi, issued a ban on late-night alcohol through the end of October, 2017. The ban forbids drinking alcohol out of glass containers on public streets after 10 pm, or drinking alcohol in public at all after midnight. Violating the ban will set you back 150 euro (about $170). 

Alcohol sales stop at 10 pm and last call at bars is 2 am. The affected areas are some of the city's biggest nightlife areas, including the city's historic centre. 

Raggi also issued a ban on eating, drinking or sitting near the fountains. Any dreams of nibbling gelato in front of the Trevi Fountain will have to remain dreams at least until fall. Crowd at Trevi Fountain