Splendor Parthenopes



This restaurant-bar-pizzeria, serving Neapolitan cuisine and dedicated to the siren Parthenopes, offers an eclectic mix of industrial elements and touches of early 1900s Paris. Come for breakfast, lunch, teatime, happy hour, dinner, or après-theatre any day of the week. Pizzas are baked in a wood-burning oven using slowly leavened dough; try the house special topped with prosciutto, mozzarella, artichokes, conciato romano cheese, and wild mint. Regional dishes include linguine with anchovy sauce, broccoli, and Giffoni walnuts; pasta with potatoes, provolone, and mussels; meatballs in tomato sauce; and roasted calamari with potato purée, green sauce, and stuffed endive. Traditional desserts include sfogliatella and pastiera, a delectable puff pastry filled with cream cheese, barley, and candied fruit. You haven’t eaten like a proper Neapolitan until you’ve concluded the meal with a caffè napoletano served in a burning hot coffee cup. Curiosity: pop down to the pastry kitchen one floor below and take a peek through the porthole to see desserts being prepared.Open daily. Via Vittoria Colonna, 32c. Tel 066833710. All credit cards accepted. www.splendorparthenopes.com