Getting Fit and Healthy in Rome

Want to live life to the fittest? Whether it’s eating greener, exercising, or getting more shuteye, make 2016 the year you’ll actually keep your resolutions.

Most healthy-living resolutions involve plenty of inspiration, but not much preparation. That’s where we come in.

Rich in fresh, seasonal produce, and home to a host of fitness centers, the Eternal City is a great place to focuse on getting healthy.

Instead of another unused gym membership, start off by finding an activity that’s more fun than fitness. Ryoga (Via dei Fienaroli, 27/28) specializes in beginner yoga and Pilates classes, while Moves (Via dei Coronari, 46) offers karate, tai chi, aerobics, and ballet, and jazz dance courses.

Another option? Swap public transport for a bike. Rent one through Bici & Baci. And while the bel paese is hailed for its carb-heavy diet, it’s easy to cut calories if you know where to go.

Nanù (Via Varrone, 2c) is a hip little juice bar that also serves salads, soups, grains, and yogurt. Ginger(Via Borgognona, 43) and vegetarian restaurant Margutta RistorArte (Via Margutta, 118) let you eat out, guilt-free: their dinner menus features dishes so satisfying you’d never know they’re good for you too. Here’s to your health!

3 Easy Tips for Getting Healthy, Roman-style

Rome is a city that begs to be explored by foot. Instead of taking a taxi, grab a map and walk to the day’s destinations. Not only will you revel in the città’s beauty and atmosphere, but you’ll also burn calories in the process. A win-win!

Where to work out Rome, Italy
A spigot in Rome gushes water from nearby mountain springs to quench the thirst of travelers exploring the city. (©Laszlo Ilyes/Shutterstock)

Stay hydrated! Our H2O consumption is linked to important physiological processes like circulation and metabolism. To get in the doctor recommended 2 liters a day, seek out nasoni, Rome’s public outdoor fountains that deliver clean, cold water directly from mountain springs.

Do your shopping at the local markets. Fill your shopping bags with colorful fruits, veggies, and seek out local fishmongers and butchers for lean protein. Our favorite mercatini are found in Testaccio (entrances found on Via Galvani and Via Beniamino Franklin) and Mercato San Cosimato (Piazza San Cosimato).

Where to work out, Rome, Italy
Annibale butcher shop is one of the oldest butchers in Rome and offers artisan sausage, rabbit, free-range chicken and more. (©Laura/Shutterstock)