7 Ways to Celebrate Rome’s Birthday

Visit these spots around Rome and join in on the celebration!

According to the legend, Romulus founded Rome on 21 April 753 BC. That means that this month the city commemorates its 2768th birthday. Here are seven ways to be a part of the celebrations!

Palatine Hill

Start by visiting the Palatine Hill, the heart of ancient Rome, known for its ruins of ancient imperial palaces. Archaic huts—including, the one where Romulus and Remus spent their early years—have been painstakingly excavated in recent years.


Archeologists have hypothesized that the Pantheon was designed as a sundial, with the beam of light streaming through the cupola indicating important dates. This is certainly true on Rome’s birthday, when the spotlight of sunshine pours straight out the doors at 1pm: definitely worth a visit. Open daily, 9 am–7:30 pm. Piazza della Rotonda

Roman Reenactment

Relive the past as 2000 history enthusiasts dressed as centurions, slaves, vestal virgins, gladiators, senators, and even gods and goddesses, take part in the largest ancient Roman reenactment in Europe. Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in this spectacular and extremely entertaining parade. The event kicks off at Circus Maximus. 

Capitoline Museums

Visit the Capitoline Museums to pay homage to the original she-wolf sculpture, the Lupa Capitolina, believed to be a 5th-century BC Etruscan work (although the suckling twins were added in the Renaissance). The Capitoline is also the oldest museum in the world, housing Roman antiquities and works by Bernini, Guercino, Caravaggio, and more. It literally hosts all 2768 years of the city’s history. Open Tu-Su, 9 am-8 pm, Piazza del Campidoglio, 1

New Lights for the Imperial Fora

See the Imperial Fora as never before, thanks to a new project that will illuminate the ancient ruins at night, set to be inaugurated on the night of Rome’s birthday. Italian film director and three-time Oscar winner Vittorio Stotaro is overseeing the project. Via dei Fori Imperiali

Dine With a View of Rome

Dine with ancient Rome at your feet and raise a glass to 2768 years of glory. Splurge on a meal with a killer view of the Colosseum at Aroma (Via Labicana, 125), or grab a snack at the terrace of the Vittoriano (Piazza Venezia) overlooking the Imperial Fora. It will be a meal you will not easily forget.

Multi-media Show at Forum of Augustus

Witness ancient Rome come to life with a multi-media show at the Forum of Augustus in multiple languages. It opens the day after the big event, on the 22nd. While covering various aspects of the Roman world, the story focuses on the figure of Augustus, Rome's first emperor, creatively using the remains of the Forum to try to let the stones “speak.”