Rome for Veggies

Looking for a meat-free Roman restaurant? There are a number of good spots to be discovered, worth trying whether you’re vegetarian or not, as their chefs are often more inventive than their meat-loving colleagues. One of our favorites is RistorArte Margutta, for its innovative seasonal menu and spectacular €15 Saturday brunch buffet (Via Margutta 118). Arancia Blu (Via Prenestina 396e) is part-eatery, part-enoteca, so wine-lovers will be happy here. Pasta is handmade, there is a long list of amazing cheese and it’s off the beaten track so you’re unlikely to find yourself among many tourists. L’insalatiera (Via Trionfale 94) is proudly vegetarian and indicates a large number of vegan options on its menu as well. Try lasagne al radicchio or the hearty ribollita toscana next time you’re in Prati and want a nice meal. Or if you’re on your way to the Vatican and would rather take a sandwich to eat in St Peter’s Square (or while standing in the Museum line!) head to Fabio (Via Germanico, 43), where organic sandwiches and salads are made to order, and delicious fresh juices and vegan options are also on offer. Last but not least on our list is the worryingly named Naturist Club (Via della Vite, 14), where you are not expected to strip, but to sit and enjoy macrobiotic, organic, tasty food, with casual self-service at lunchtime and the option to sit in, relax and enjoy a glass of organic wine in the evening. Buon appetito!