Top Things to Do in Rio de Janeiro: Outdoor Adventures

So what are some of Rio's most famous landmarks? Its outdoor attractions are intertwined with the identity of the city itself, with every panorama studded by Sugarloaf Mountain. Beach life is something can comes second nature to the locals, with each stretch having its own identity. When the sun is up the middle classes head for the Ipanema and Copacabana beaches. Here they surf, play beach volleyball or football, or soak up the rays between occasional dips into the waves, with the working day just a brief interruption. Or they take their boards to the rocky Arpoador beach to surf at night.

There's more to Rio than just the coast. Nature lovers can explore Jardim Botanico, a former royal garden with an abundance of bird life. For something less tamed, Parque Nacional de Tijuca offers a wilder experience of rainforest and primates. For such a large urban center, Rio is blissfully closer to nature. You can trek or cycle to Vista Chinesa, the viewpoint where you'll be rewarded with views of the city unfolding before your eyes.