Maracanã Stadium

The iconic stadium was the world's largest when it was first built, and remains impressive – not least because it is the hallowed temple to the most important religious practice in Brazil: the worship of football. This is where Pelé scored his 1,000th goal in 1969, and it was the venue for the 2014 World Cup final (after Brazil crashed out of the semi finals against Germany). The Maracana was completely rebuilt in 2013 and made into an all-seater stadium of 80,000 seats, with a new roof. Even if you’re not a football fan, matches are worth going to for the spectators’ samba bands and the adrenalin-charged atmosphere. Prices vary according to the game, but it’s more expensive to buy tickets from agencies than at the gate or via the internet; it is cheaper to buy tickets from club sites on the day before the match.


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