Lake Tahoe's Beauty Preserved

A photo journey of Lake Tahoe

The crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe are a testament to those who dedicate themselves to its preservation. Here, in words and pictures, environmentalist and photographer Peter Spain offers his view of this natural wonder.


Lake Tahoe
(©Peter Spain)

Welcome to my Alpine Caribbean. I have been photographing Lake Tahoe for more than 15 years and one of my favorite places to shoot is the magical East Shore, from Incline Village, past Sand Harbor and beyond. Some of the best moments are in the morning when the lake is like glass and the rising sun lights up the boulders beneath the surface. The incredible clarity of the water is a measure of how far we’ve come in preserving the beauty of this natural wonder. I have always been an environmentalist, and what comes naturally to me is to create awareness through the camera lens.

For the past 10 years I have donated my photography services to the League to Save Lake Tahoe. This nonprofit organization has been dedicated to protecting Lake Tahoe since 1957. Some of the most important issues I have seen them work on include promoting restoration of wetlands damaged from development, and combating invasive species like the Asian clam and the quagga mussel by promoting mandatory boat inspections at all boat launch facilities. They also organize and take part in beach cleanups around the lake and monitor storm drain releases. To have an organization like the League to Save Lake Tahoe use my photography in their mission to “Keep Tahoe Blue” is a great honor. 

Peter Spain is a photographer based on the beautiful shore of Crystal Bay in Lake Tahoe. He specializes in fine art, lifestyle and portrait photography. His fine art work is reproduced on gallery canvas wraps, prints on metal and a variety of other custom framing options.