Ready to Quit Your Job and Travel?

Do you ever dream of putting your career on hold while you travel the world? OK, but do you ever have that dream on days other than Mondays?

Considering that Google returns some 123 million results on pages about "quit job travel around the world," you're clearly not alone. If you want to get serious about it, you’ll find a community in the form of Meet, Plan, Go! The group’s mission is to help you meet like-minded persons planning career travel breaks.

In line with its name and mission, this social group is holding meet-up events on Oct. 16 in Toronto, Boston, New York City, South Florida, Chicago, Austin, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco and San Diego. Join in to share travel tips, dream destinations and motivation. The social events might just get you excited enough to pack your bags.

In the online community, you will find travel tips on such topics as how to negotiate for a sabbatical from your job, plus how to use around-the-world (RTW) travel options. The peer community even has tips on what it calls "re-entry"—that time when you're ready to unpack your bags and get back to work after a long period as a world traveler.

Leaving work to travel isn't just for dissatisfied 20-somethings. For inspiration on that front, check out Married with Luggage's  money-saving travel tips which allowed middle-aged couple Warren and Betsy Talbot to save enough in one year of working for a year-long, around-the-world trip (they also have a book out on the same subject titled Dream, Save, Do).

If this is the right path for you (Alexander Heyne has good thoughts on the wrong reasons to quit your job and travel), then don’t forget to send us a postcard.

Goodbye, office. Hello, world.

Geoff Kohl
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