Durham Bulls Athletic Park

Situated in the heart of the American Tobacco District, with its restaurants and entertainment, the Durham Bulls Athletic Park offers a fun outing for both grown-ups and kids. Leave home ahead of the start of the game to eat dinner and wander through the district—restored tobacco mill buildings through which a stream rushes furiously as pedestrians stroll or listen to free concerts in the summer.

Built in the style of historic Durham architecture, the Durham Bulls Athletic Park—home to the AAA Affiliate of Tampa Bay Rays—has the feel of an old-time ballpark. In left field, a 32-foot-high wall channels Fenway Park's Green Monster and is, in fact, affectionately known as the Blue Monster. Above it towers the ballpark’s Snorting Bull, which exhales smoke with each home run to the delight of fans. The antics of Wool E. Bull, the team’s mascot, and a play area also keep kids entertained.


409 Blackwell St.
Durham, NC 27701
United States