Quit Your Job and Start Traveling. Or Just Watch This Video.

Check it out: After saving up and selling everything he owned, Craig Lewis quit his job and traveled the world.

Many people often dream of quitting their job to travel the world but Craig "Lewie" Lewis actually did it.

Lewie saved up for three years and eventually made his dream come true. The 26-year-old marketing manager from Melbourne, Australia, sold any unnecessary things he owned, bought a cost-effective round-the-world flight ticket and planned his journey. His travels include remote destinations in Africa, giant dance parties in Europe, base camps at Mount Everest and lots of places in between.

We caught up with Lewie for an interview to see what went into planning his travels, what he experienced and why you should try it for yourself. Watch this video and pretty soon you'll be putting in your two weeks notice, just like he did.

What was your occupation before you quit to travel the world and what it is you do now? 

My name is Craig Lewis, but everyone calls me Lewie. Before I travelled I was working as a marketing manager, and now that I’ve finished traveling I’m based in New York and figuring out how I can continue working and traveling as well!

How old are you and where are you from?

I’m 26 and I’m from Melbourne, Australia.

What inspired your trip and what did you have to do to prepare?

I travelled a few times throughout university holidays, and started to get the travel bug! Then while working in marketing, I had the opportunity to travel to a few different countries and that sealed the deal. I wrote down my bucket list, booked a round the world flight, and my first 5 days of accommodation, packed a back pack and just went!

How did you plan your route?

Round the world flights work out to be pretty cost effective, and you can either travel east or west as long as you go in the one direction. So I had a flight into Bangkok, and ran around Southeast Asia for 3 months, and then a flight to Nepal, U.A.E, and then Europe, where I used an unlimited travel pass for the Eurail system, meaning I could travel on a train anywhere in Europe at any time for 3 months, without needing to book anything. I probably caught about 40 trains over summer! North America was next, and then back to Africa. A lot of the direction was planned around either activities or festivals that I had heard of or friends that were in those places or meeting me there.

The whole video looked exciting but what where your top three experiences?

#3: Trekking to Mt Everest base camp in Nepal.

#2: Hitchhiking and couch surfing all around Scandinavia for a month.

#1: Volunteering at a youth centre in Kenya—probably the most life-changing and amazing experience of my whole trip, and also the least expensive.

Heli-touring in Nepal's mountains

How did this trip change you as a person?

I’ll use one of my favorite quotes for this question: "Travel brings about a fundamental change, in the ideas of living."

After traveling to 54 countries in my life by the age of 25, I feel I have become more content with everything that I have, and not bothered by the things that I don’t have. I appreciate electricity, water, and the selection and availability of food. Being able to drink water from a tap. Having emergency services readily available. Sleeping on a soft surface. I appreciate that everyone in the world has their own beliefs and thought processes, and that these differ considerably, and that we should be considerate of this. Also, I feel that the functioning of my liver has changed.

Were there any difficulties with the trip?

To be honest, not really! A few altercations with police, a few lost items and some misplaced luggage, but other than that everything went pretty well! 

How did you come up with the idea to high five the camera at every stop?

I met a bloke in Norway while I was couch surfing, and I told him about my trip. We spoke of different camera techniques and he had seen something similar and showed me the camera high-five! So we decided then that I would do that everywhere, and it just escalated from there!

What would you say to people who are inspired by your video and want to travel like you did?

The trick is to just book it! If you can work hard and save even a small amount of money, try a small trip first to somewhere nearby or somewhere cheap, and if you feel its what you really want to do, make plans for a bigger trip! Everyone wants to do it, but the difference is those that actually do. Work hard, save where you can, sell your material items you don’t need, pack a back pack, book a flight, and just GO!