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Oregonians have their share of skyscrapers, computer chip plants, and BMW dealerships, but we also have forests, snow-topped mountains, phenomenal river gorges, a 300-mile coastline, one of the most fertile valleys in the world, a lacy network of creeks and rivers, and an extensive system of parks and wilderness areas. Though the great expanse of our state may be crisscrossed with highways, while even our trails may be crowded with exuberant hikers, there is still a wild, true outback here where a soul can find solitude, clean air to breathe, and a vision of unspoiled land, river, or seacoast. The Portland area in particular is home to or close to some of our best outdoor attractions. So Portlanders love to get out and about—to bike, hike, paddle, putt, shoot, set the hook, and slide down our slippery snowy slopes. In this chapter we’ve listed some of our favorite spots, so you can try out your outdoor or indoor recreational skills in our beautiful Portland setting.

As for spectator sports, the biggest game in Portland is the National Basketball Association’s Trailblazers, but there are lots of other seats to cheer from, including ice hockey with the Winter Hawks and soccer matches with the Portland Timbers, now a Major League Soccer team. PGE Park, a downtown stadium, is the home of the Timbers, while the Blazers play at the Rose Garden.

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