5 Micro-Restaurants Have Popped Up in Portland

These tiny eateries are Bethany Village's answer to the food truck.

A new dining concept has taken hold in Portland's Bethany Village: the micro-restaurant.

Five new eateries, no more than 400 square feet each, have become an alternative to the food truck trend in this trendy Portland hang out.

Koi Fusion in Portland, Oregon

Koi Fusion

Once only a food truck, Koi Fusion operates an additional micro-restaurant in Bethany Village.

Melding traditional Korean and Mexican flavors, offerings include tacos and burritos that come with cabbage slaw and bean sprouts and Reuben sandwiches made with bulgogi and quesadillas piled with kimchi.

Baba's Mediterranean Grill, Portland,Oregon

Baba's Mediterranean Grill

You can build your own Mediterranean taste sensations at Baba's; first, choose your conveyance—a pita or bowl—next, one of the all-natural fillings such as chicken, beef or lamb shawarma or falafel, and top it with fresh vegetables and sauces. There are traditional sides and desserts on the menu.

Loaded waffle at The Waffle Window restaurant in Portland

The Waffle Window

All hail this breakfast staple. The Waffle Window churns out almost two dozen varieties of sweet and savory waffles; its Portland-style liege waffles are made from a yeast dough instead of batter for more crunch.

Lean toward the sweet side? Have your waffles dipped in chocolate and/or peanut butter, and ice cream in the hot fudge sundae waffle.

Savory-lovers have a harder time but who can resist the "Three Bs:" bacon, brie and basil? Vegetarians should try the "Farm Fusion," with its balsamic-braised mushrooms and onions, spinach, roasted peppers, sliced tomato and lemon zest-thyme marinated chévre. 

Cackalack's Hot Chicken Shack

This smokin'-hot chicken joint is full of bite. The "Fried Chix Salad" is topped with banana peppers; the "Jalapy," with bacon, jalapenos and cheddar cheese; and the "Blazer," with smoky slaw and pickles.

The Bowl & Berry

With its Pacific Northwest version of the acai bowl, The Bowl & Berry packs a punch of powerful local and organic ingredients.

Its signature bowl is a thick smoothie blend of marionberries, strawberries, blueberries and boysenberries, topped with fresh granola and raw honey. Or try the decadent treat that is the PB Crunch made with peanut butter, strawberries, bananas, chocolate and coconut milk. 

The Bowl & Berry, Portland, Oregon

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