You're Invited: Join Our Next #WhereChat on Twitter

Family travel is just around the corner with holidays looming large. Are you ready?

We’re excited to continue our series of #WhereChat Twitter conversations on November 15 at 1pm EST for a family travel chat. We'll be joined by Charlotte Parent and Carolina Parent staff who will share insights on traveling as a clan year round and especially during busy holiday travel seasons.

How does it work?

  1. Follow us on Twitter @WhereTraveler.
  2. Get on Twitter on November 15 at 1pm EST.
  3. Follow the hashtag #WhereChat and/or @WhereTraveler to see what we’re chatting about. We'll post a few travel questions to get the conversation started.
  4. Reply to our #WhereChat tweets with the answer number that matches the chat question (e.g., A1, A2, A3).
  5. Include #WhereChat in your tweet so other travel fans and participants can see your responses.
  6. Share! Who doesn’t love to talk travel? Share the information about this chat with your own friends and followers so they can join the conversation.

That's it! Tweet to us @WhereTraveler if you have any questions.

The Questions: 

  1. Use a gif to show us what your house is like the day before a family vacation.
  2. Tell us about your most hilarious/memorable in-flight moment with kids.
  3. The best road trip or flight hack you’ve learned for your family? 
  4. What’s the one thing your kids own that you never leave home without? 
  5. Best travel entertainment for your kids? 
  6. We’re all guilty of bribery to make life easier. What’s your choice of bribery/incentive you offer your kids during travel? 
  7. What’s your favorite kid-friendly accommodation(s) on the road? 
  8. Where’s the last family trip you took?
  9. How do you get back into your daily routine after vacation and how long does it normally take you?
  10. Where’s the next place you’re taking your family on vacation? Give us clues and we’ll guess!