The World's Most Beautiful Train Stations

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Formosa Boulevard Station in Taiwan
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Moscow's Komsomolskaya Station
©Garrett Ziegler/Flickr, Creative Commons
Moscow: Komsomolskaya Station

The magnificent Komsomolskaya Station looks more like an opera house than a metro stop. Its gilded bas-relief compositions tell the tales of Russian generals. 

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Formosa Boulevard Station in Taiwan
Kaohsiung, Taiwan: Formosa Boulevard Station

Formosa's "Dome of Light" is the world's largest installation made from 4,500 individual pieces of colored glass and is 98 feet in diameter. The metro station connects the region's red and orange lines.

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Union Station in Los Angeles
Courtesy Union Station Los Angeles
Los Angeles: Union Station

A merge of the Spanish-Colonial, Revival and Art Deco styles, Union Station is the largest train terminal in the western United States. Brass chandeliers, terra-cotta floor tiles and handcarved mahogany chairs are but of the few features that grace its Grand Hall. 

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Stockholm, Sweden: Solna Centrum Station
©nigel burgher/Flickr, Creative Commons
Stockholm, Sweden: Solna Centrum Station

Sweden's metro stations are known for their public art. At Solna Centrum, riders descend into the cavernous tunnel beneath a blood-red sky painted by Anders Åberg and Karl-Olav Bjork in 1975. 

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Baikonur Metro Station in Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan: Baikonur Metro Station

The futuristic Baikonur Metro Station is named after the site where Sputnik 1 was launched. Sleek blue and white panels line the platform walls while footage of rocket launches play in the background. 

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Gare du Nord in Paris
©Paris Tourism Office
Paris: Gare du Nord

The neoclassical Gare du Nord is the largest station in Paris and lies at the heart of its beauty. It opened in 1846 and is adorned with 23 sculptures. 

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King's Cross Station in London
London: King's Cross Station

Fans of "Harry Potter" will recognize the platform at King's Cross as the one that departs to Hogwarts. It was originally built as the London hub of the Great Northern Railway. In 2013, its original Victorian entrance was restored.

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Helsinki Central Railway Station
©Visit Finland
Helsinki: Central Railway Station

Helsinki's Central Railway Station was designed by Eliel Saarinen in 1919. Finland's most visited building is covered with Finnish granite, and two "lantern carriers" hold spherical lamps at the main entrance. 


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China: Tianjin West Railway Station
Tianjin, China: Tianjin West Railway Station

This railway station connects China's third-largest city with Beijing. A cylindrical shell—with its diamond-shaped beam system—creates a barrel-shaped roof that's more than 1,300 feet long. 

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Milano Centrale in Italy
©bartb_pt/Flickr, Creative Commons
Milan, Italy: Milano Centrale

As Milan's main railway station, Centrale sees 400,000 people pass through its environs each day—Italy's second-highest volume. The floors and roof are covered in more than 36,000 square feet of marble.

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Kanazawa Station, Japan
©Kanazawa City/JNTO
Kanazawa, Japan: Kanazawa Station

Kanazawa Station's wooden Tsuzumi Gate pays homage to Japanese hand drums and is topped with a glass "welcome" dome. In addition to the city's rail hub, it's also a terminal for local and highway buses.

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Zoo/Flora Station in Cologne, Germany
Cologne, Germany: Zoo/Flora Station

Named for the nearby zoo and garden, Germany's Zoo/Flora Station was redesigned for greater access to these attractions. A curved bridge that accesses either side of the platform eliminates the need for elevators or escalators.

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Swiss Alps: Jungfraujoch
©Rob Lewis/Switzerland Tourism
Swiss Alps: Jungfraujoch

The Jungfraujoch is more than 11,00 feet above sea level, the highest altitude railway station in Europe. Those who brave the ascent are rewarded with an observation building, ice palace and snow plateau. 

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Lisbon, Portugal's Oriente Station
©hugo n./Flickr, Creative Commons
Lisbon, Portugal: Oriente Station

Oriente Station's geometric look is alternately that of a floating oasis and a man-made cave; structural elements range from delicate pillars to thick concrete arches. It is separated into three individual parts: the underground, bus terminal and train station.

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Antwerp, Belgium: Antwerp-Centraale
©Gregorio Puga Bailon/Flickr, Creative Commons
Antwerp, Belgium: Antwerp-Centraale

Antwerp-Centraale is considered the finest example of railway architecture in Belgium. Its original clock tower reaches 246 feet high and the train shed is built from steel and glass. 

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Old Railway Station
©Tourism Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Old Railway Station

Its beauteous Moorish architecture makes the Old Railway Station a standout. It was the city's main railway station for 90 years and now serves as a stop for the KLM Komuter.

By Jennifer McKee on 08/04/2017

An intriguing example of beauty in form and function, the world's best-designed railway stations are transportation hubs for high-speed trains, light rail, metro and buses. Whether your journey is long or short, these awe-inspiring stations will spark your wanderlust as they capture everything from 19th-century neoclassical style to futuristic and gravity-defying design.