These Were the Hottest 2018 Summer Destinations, as Told by Celebrities' Instagram Accounts

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Person on a floaty
©Ishan Seefromthesky/Unsplash
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Capri Italy
Jennifer Lopez: Capri, Italy

Jennifer Lopez and her beau Alex Rodriguez spent a romantic vacation on the island of Capri, where they enjoyed boating at sunset. Explore the hidden coves yourself on a private boat tour.

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Couple in Tuscany
Kate Hudson: Tuscany, Italy

Kate Hudson and her boyfriend escaped to Tuscany's gorgeous countryside. The region in Italy is perfect for relaxing outdoor activities and world-class cuisine and wine

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The Bund in Shanghai
Shay Mitchelle: Shanghai, China

Shay Mitchell of "Pretty Little Liars" showed off views of The Bund in Shanghai. Get the same views by touring the Bund, viewing the city's iconic architecture and walking along the Huangpu riverfront.

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Surfers at Gold Coast, Queensland
©Tourism Australia
Chris Hemsworth: Australia

As an Australian native and advocate for Australian vacations "Thor" (actor Chris Hemsworth) posted about surfing, swimming in waterholes and holding koalas which is a vacation we could all get behind.

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Cannes, France
©Mark Fischer/Flickr, Creative Commons
Beyonce Knowles and JAY Z: Cannes, France

The Knowles-Carter family opted to a glam vacation at sea in Cannes, France. Cannes is a resort town, so relax and enjoy the beaches along the French Riviera.

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Women taking selfie with deer in Bali Zoo
Chrissy Teigen and John Legend: Bali, Indonesia

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend took the whole family to Bali, where they interacted with various animals. Family-friendly animal encounters are usually a big crowd pleaser in Indonesia.

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Parthenon temple with spring flowers
Kimora Lee Simmons: Athens, Greece

Kimora Lee Simmons and her children traveled to Athens, Greece, to advocate for sexual and reproductive health. In their free time, the family explored the Parthenon and other sites.

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Animal encounter at the aquarium
©Georgia Aquarium
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson: Atlanta

Dwayne Johnson visited Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium and hung out with the seals. The aquarium offers a Seal Encounter experience along with many others that are available to the public.

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Bridge in Budapest at night
©Lucas Davies/Unsplash
Will Smith: Budapest, Hungary

Will Smith has become a globetrotter this summer, but one of his most notable stops was in Budapest. You may not be able to dance on top of the iconic structure like he did, but you can photograph the Chain Bridge yourself.

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Saint Basil's Cathedral
©Kate Brady/Flickr, Creative Commons
Will Smith: Moscow, Russia

Will Smith also spent time in Moscow during the 2018 World Cup. Here, he was photographed in front of the iconic Saint Basil's Cathedral.

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Friends jumping off of a boat
Vanessa Hudgens: Miami

Miami is a popular summer vacation for many, and that includes Vanessa Hudgens. She and her best friends spent their days at the beach and on their private yacht.

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Landscape in Big Sur
©Giuseppe Milo/Flickr, Creative Commons
Lupita Nyong'o: Big Sur, California

Adventures in Big Sur seem endless. Takes notes from actress Lupita Nyong'o who spent her time there hiking, going to the beach and sightseeing. There are opportunities for wine tasting.

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People at a night club
©Alexander Popov/Unsplash
Idris Elba: Croatia

Idris Elba found himself behind the DJ booth at the Opera Multimedia Club in Croatia. The lively nightclub displays huge light beams, hip-hop music and smoke machines on the stage.

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Go-kart racing track
©Element5 Digital/Unsplash
Britney Spears: Atlantic City, New Jersey

Embrace you inner-kid in Atlantic City, just like Britney Spears. She spent time in the city go-karting and running on the beach. 

By Jasmyn Snipes Louis

It's always exciting to scroll on Instagram and see Hollywood's elite vacationing around the globe. For some, these travel pictures from singers and actors serve as a source of inspiration for their own future travels.

From luxury getaways in Cannes to adventurous trips in Australia, A-listers gave us a serious case of wanderlust. So, where in the world did your favorite celebrities spend the summer? Keep scrolling to find out. 

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