These Teepees Are the Ultimate Camping Experience

Forget kitschy themed roadside motels, these custom teepee lodges deliver luxurious comforts and miles of style.

Originally a home for tribes living on the Great Plains, today the teepee is seeing a resurgence as travelers look for unique and unusual places to stay.

These aren't the kitschy teepee-motel hybrids of yesteryear, either. Today's teepee properties and lodges are very luxurious, not just a common motel room in the shape of a multi-sided canvas tent. Instead, these new teepee accommodations stack up cozy beds, upscale Western-themed furnishings and even indoor fire pits. Mix in leather sofas, wool rugs, stonework, ceramics and furs, and it's all part of the rise of what gets called "glamping."

So if you've dreamed of opening your eyes to see canvas overhead (and killer views right outside your luxurious tent's entrance), here are eight teepee stays to get you started.

1) Capitol Reef Resort

Capitol Reef teepees

Nestled just outside Capitol Reef National Park, at Capitol Reef Resort you can take in the blood-red sunsets and sunrises that Capitol Reef is known for from your king-sized bed, surrounded by plush furs and Southwestern touches visible in the decor and furniture of each of the teepees. Then peel back the door, grab your daypack and head off to hike through the surrounding Red Cliffs.

Location: Torrey, Utah

2) Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

Westgate River Ranch is a Florida cowboy-style getaway. Laid out on the Kissimmee River and surrounded by hundreds of square miles of protected wetland, this resort taps into its cow-wrangling history. Each of the 10 teepees looks like a traditional teepee but is loaded with luxury-resort quality furnishing and amenities. Stand out on your private patio deck to take in fresh air or lounge in your private cast-iron, claw-foot tub.

Location: River Ranch, Florida

3) RimRock Inn

RimRock Inn

Head to Northeast Oregon for a remote resort experience at RimRock Inn. The chic boutique accomodation is miles from other towns and cities, a perfect location for going totally off the grid. Travelers can bike or hike through the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and paddle down local creeks and rivers. For those who want to relax, RimRock offers its guests local wine and microbrews on the community deck.

Location: Enterprise, Oregon

4) Yellowstone Under Canvas

Yellowstone Under Canvas

Located less than a 10-minute drive from the West Yellowstone park entrance, Yellowstone Under Canvas offers gorgeous views of America’s favorite national park. Drink your morning coffee or tea with prime views of the gently rolling land and dramatic mountains for which Yellowstone is famous. The teepees here are for larger parties; they couple with a central safari tent and are mostly used for parties of more than four.

Location: West Yellowstone, Montana

5) Topanga Tipi Glamping

Topanga, California, Teepee Rental

The teepee trend hasn't been missed by AirBnB hosts. Take Andrea Orbeck, for example. She hosts guests in her 18-foot teepee on her property near Los Angeles. The teepee is decorated in aboriginal fabrics and furs and stands near a guest deck for prime lounging and sun bathing. A 30-minute drive from the gorgeous Malibu, California (a town where many Hollywood stars go to escape from the paparazzi), the teepee's location equally affords mountain hikes or day trips to the ocean.

Location: Topanga, California

6) Mystic Canyon Tipi

Mystic Canyon Tipi Rental

Also on the AirBnB spectrum of our list, this countryside teepee in a bedroom community near San Diego is a haven for those hoping to hike or bike away stress. The dancing horses mural on the canvas inspires creative restoration while the teepee is loaded with simple but thoughtful amenities like a mini-fridge, fan, tea kettle and more. Owners Barbara and Randy Knight also open their private garden for those who stay in the teepee.

Location: El Cajon, California

7) El Cosmico

El Cosmico, Marfa, Texas

The community aspect of this Marfa, Texas, getaway is palpable within the circles of safari tents, yurts and teepees. Head north, southeast and southwest for mountain climbing or just hang around town to experience Marfa's legendary art culture. While you're there, check out the Prada Marfa—a permanent art installation that looks like a pristine Prada retail store that happens to be set in the middle of the far West Texas flatlands—or see the "Marfa Lights."

Location: Marfa, Texas

8) Lodgepole Gallery & Tipi Village

Lodgepole Gallery and Tipi Village, Montana

Lodgepole Gallery & Tipi Village is just miles from Glacier National Park—one of the most under-appreciated of U.S. National Parks. Stay at this teepee village located inside the Blackfeet Indian Reservation to experience the Blackfoot Native American tribe's historic way of life, and don't be surprised if a herd of wild Spanish Mustang horses wanders across the property during your stay; it's all part of the authentic experience you'll get here. While in this part of Montana, take the time to visit the Museum of the Plains Indians, tour the reservation itself, and, of course, hike your legs off in Glacier National Park.

Location: Browning, Montana

Photo credits, from top: Courtesy Capitol Reef Resort; Courtesy Westgate River Resort & Rodeo; ©Jorge Jimenez/RimRock Inn; Courtesy Yellowstone Under Canvas; ©Andrea Orbeck; ©Nick Simonite/El Cosmico; ©Angelika Harden-Norman