These 13 Spaces Are the Most Colorful in the World

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Colorful buildings in Little India
©Mark Fischer/Flickr, Creative Commons
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Colorful buildings on Burano
©Ky0n Cheng/Flickr, Creative Commons
Burano: Venice, Italy

While Burano is famous for seafood, visitors are initially attracted to the island's brightly colored pink, blue, red, yellow and orange buildings. According to legend, fishermen painted the homes on Burano to find their way home from sea in the thick fog. 

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Grand Prismatic Hot Spring
©Bernd Thaller/Flickr, Creative Commons
Yellowstone National Park: Wyoming

The most photographed thermal feature in Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Prismatic runs 370 feet wide and 121 feet deep. The majestic hot spring has multi-colored layers—bright bands of orange, yellow and green—and a deep blue center.

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Colorful buildings in Little India
©xiquinhosilva/Flickr, Creative Commons
Little India, Singapore

There's no shortage of vibrant colors in this ethnic enclave located in Singapore. From rainbow-colored buildings like the House of Tan Teng Niah (pictured above) and the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple to the Little India Arcade shophouses, the pops of color are sure to leave you feeling cheery. 

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LED light show at Niagara Falls
©GURENMARKV/Flickr, Creative Commons
Niagara Falls: US-Canada Border

As if Niagara Falls wasn't beautiful enough already, the natural wonder transforms into a colorful light show every day at dusk thanks to LED light technology. The falls are often lit with custom colors to mark significant dates and events.

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Blue-painted streets in Chefchaouen, Morocco
Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, the blue pearl of Morocco, is known for its calming environment and bright blue-washed walls. Walk the cobblestoned streets and snap pictures of the ocean-colored buildings, whose origin are unknown. Some say the town is painted to match the sea, while others believe the blue keeps mosquitos away. 

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Northern lights over Iceland
Northern Lights: Iceland

Visible for eight months a year, the Northern Lights make a show over Iceland beautifully. The dancing lights in the sky are usually green, but if you're lucky enough to catch it, the solar phenomenon may occasionally appear to be purple, red or gold.

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Tulip fields in Holland
Tulip Fields: Holland, Amsterdam

More than 6 million tulips are planted in Keukenhof gardens in Holland each year, which create massive rainbow-colored fields. The tulips are on display each year during the spring. 

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Ferris wheel at Disney
©HarshLight/Flickr, Creative Commons
Disney California Adventure: Anaheim, California

It may be man-made, but the World of Color at Disney California Adventure Park combines kaleidoscope colors, laser effects, fog and projections to create one of the most colorful places on Earth.

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Pinnacles of Nambung National Park
©Murray Foubister/Flickr, Creative Commons
Nambung National Park: Australia

The Pinnacles Desert located in Australia's Nambung National Park is made up of thousands of limestone pillars rising from yellow sands against a bright blue sky.

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Rainbow Village in Taichung
©ironypoisoning/Flickr, Creative Commons
Rainbow Village: Taiwan

Reds, yellows and blues fill Rainbow Village. The art project was painted by a figure known around the town as Mr. Huang. Though the village is small the joyful, bright colors make the trip worth it.

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Antelope Canyon
©James Faulkner/Flickr, Creative Commons
Antelope Canyon: Arizona

Antelope Canyon, another natural wonder in the United States, is favored by both professional and amateur photographers. The Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons are only accessible by tightly controlled guided tours, but those who explore the canyons gold, orange, pink, magenta and tangerine when the lighting hits the canyon walls just right. 

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Lavender flowers in France
©Arnie Papp/Flickr, Creative Commons
Lavender Fields: Provence, France

Travelers visiting Provence, France, from June to August are treated to a sea of purple and scents of lavender fields. Experience the extravagance at lavender farms like Distillerie Les Agnels or head to the Le Musée de la Lavande, the Museum of Lavender. 

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Bright blue and white rock terraces
Hierapolis-Pamukkale: Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale translates to "Cotton Palace" for good reason. It's snow-white, rocky terraces—travertine formations—are reminiscent of cotton and prove to be the star of this town with their thermal waters. 

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Caño Cristales
Caño Cristales: Colombia

Pink, green, yellow, red and blue colors make up the beautiful Caño Cristales located in Colombia. The river is often referred to as "the river that ran away from paradise" and has the most vivid colors during Colombia's wet season.

By Jasmyn Snipes Louis

There's something about vibrant colors that are so appealing to the human eye.

Colors tend to affect our moods and can even set the tone in any given atmosphere. The blue ocean evokes calm while red stimulates energy. In a world as big as this, there's a lot of colorful places out there waiting to welcome visitors. Add some excitement to your world and discover these natural and man-made beauties that are bursting with color. 

Jasmyn Snipes Louis
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