Science Museum

A huge, family-friendly museum dedicated to science, technology and medical achievements. There's a Red Arrows 3D flight simulator and an IMAX theatre showing 3D science films, while permanent galleries include Making the Modern World, with Stephenson's Rocket and the Apollo 10 command module. The Clockmakers' Museum has more than 1,000 timepieces and the new Wellcome Galleries claim to contain the most significant medical collection in the world, including Fleming's penicillin mould and the world's first MRI scanner. Daily 10am-6pm; adult-only Lates programme last Wed of every month, 6.45pm-10pm. Admission free; charges for special exhibitions. 

To 6 Sep: Driverless: Who is in Control? Investigating how close we are to a world driven by machines. Robocar is a highlight – a self-driving racing car that looks likes the Batmobile – while the Stained Glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future, by artist Dominic Wilcox, envisages the tranquil roads that artificial intelligence may usher in. There's also an autonomous submarine that can dive deep, deep below the Antarctic ice to study the effects of climate change: if developments in AI conjure nightmares from the Terminator movies, get the real facts here.