GeoGuessr: The Addictive Travel Game We're Playing Right Now

Play detective and explore the world.

Imagine waking up on an unfamiliar road with your only clues being what you can see such as street signs and architecture. The travel game GeoGuessr is exactly that—a geographic discovery game using Google Street View.

GeoGuessr allows you to explore far away locations from around the world. Depending on your settings, you can be dropped anywhere from a desert road in Australia to the middle of New York City. You earn points by dropping a pin on the map where you think the present location is. The closer your pin is to the actual location, the more points you earn. The game really shines when you play a timed challenge mode with friends in a race against the clock; you can set the timer as low as 10 seconds for an optimal challenge.

We recommend creating a free account in order to play with friends and to unlock additional game modes. There is a paid option available for only $3 a month, which gives you some extra customization options.

Here’s a beginner's tip. Start off with the “Famous Places” mode which makes things a little easier until you’re ready for the harder anywhere-on-the-globe mode. There are also players who are streaming their gameplay on YouTube and Twitch to learn more tricks from or watch for fun.

A GeoGuessr screenshot of the Colosseum in Rome