The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia Gave Terracotta Warriors a Tech Upgrade

"Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor" are being seen in a whole new way.

The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is using what is old and fashioning it into the new cool way for exhibition viewing. There are no goofy looking glasses to wear or clunky headgear to don, all that is required is today’s run-of-the-mill cellphone.

Using the Institute's Terracotta Warrior Augmented Reality App, visitors to the "Terracotta Warriors of the First Emperor" exhibition hold their phones up to the 10 clay warriors. What appears is what they would have looked like 2,200 years ago when they were first built and with the weapons they would have been using.

We have to begin to engage new and younger audiences,” said Susan Poulton, the Institute’s chief digital officer, who added that phones across all platforms are viable because they wanted to make sure there was max accessibility.

Augmented reality Terracotta Warriors

And with the app comes another unique feature.

“The second aspect is fun,” Poulton said. “You can pose the digital warriors with the camera and post them all over the city. You can create a digital army. It’s a pretty creative version. We’re challenging other museums to pose the digital warriors and share them.”

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