Epic Thailand Adventure: Elephants, Hot Air Balloon Rides and More

This video of traveling to Thailand will have you checking ticket prices and booking your next adventure before it's even finished.

This amazing video by director and photographer Paul Capra truly encompasses what travel inspiration is all about. He spent 17 days in Thailand during the late spring of 2016 capturing footage of his adventures but never intended to turn it into a video. When he returned home to Los Angeles and reviewed the footage he knew he had something special to share with the world.

He spent his time there riding in hot air balloon, hanging with elephants, exploring the jungles and beautiful beaches and much much more. The video takes you his epic journey and showcases why Thailand is one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. 

Where got a chance to catch up with Paul Capra after he posted his travel video to ask him about his adventure.

What inspired this trip to Thailand?

I wanted to take my wife somewhere that she could appreciate sites, have fun with the culture, have super unique food selections for a reasonable budget. 

What would you recommend people do if they are going there for the first time? 

Everyone seems to pass up on Chiang Mai more often then not but that's low key one of my favorite areas in Thailand. Northern Thailand is so lush! There's zip lining, patara farm, hot air ballooning and delicious markets to eat at. You can go to Thailand for a month and not hit everything you intended.

Any tips for having a unique experience that most travelers miss out on? 

Traveling with the right group of people is key. Can't state it enough, trying new things and being open minded is a good state of mind to experiencing unique things at random things. As much as you plan things out, don't, stop thinking about it too much... just do it!

Getting there: Flights from the US typically cost between $1,200-1,500.  Flight times are at least 24 hours long so bring a good book, neck pillow and favorite movies.