Among one of the most important (and majestic) Gothic buildings in the world, the church, constructed on and off over a period of 450 years (begun 1386) is the symbol of Milan. Built in the shape of a Latin cross, the cathedral is divided by soaring pillars into five naves, the largest of which measures 45 metres in height. It has 135 spires and its inside columns measure 3 and a half metres in diameter. To experience the Duomo at its most majestic you must ascend to the roof (either by elevator or by steps) where you will be surrounded by an outburst of pinnacles, turrets and marble statuary and, naturally, the city’s famed golden Madonnina. The cathedral is open daily 8.30am-6.45pm. Admission free. Guided visit in English every Saturday 10am (including Cathedral, Baptistery and Cathedral rooftops by lift) €20.


Arcivescovado, 1