The Coolest Secret Bars in the World

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Man looks out window to secret bar
(Courtesy Bart's)
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Interior of Foxglove
(Courtesy Fox Glove)

The Hong Kong's Foxglove exterior resembles an upscale umbrella shop, but hides a posh lounge that resembles first class in an airplane. Sip exotic cocktails and explore another room resembling a vintage train.

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Laundry Room
(Courtesy Laundry Room)
Laundry Room

The swanky 6,000-square-foot Commonwealth in Los Angeles hides the intimate secret bar Laundry Room. Entrance is by reservation-only with handcrafted cocktails and a quiet atmosphere.

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interior of The Gibson
(Courtesy The Gibson)
The Gibson

This D.C. speakeasy is tucked behind an easy-to-miss, nondescript gray exterior with a black door. Inside is a cozy 50-person bar for the well-heeled with a strict no-standing policy serving up exquisite cocktails. 

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People sit at Florenia Atlantico bar
(©Kyle Taylor/Flickr, Creative Commons)
Floreria Atlantico

A beautiful flower shop in Buenos Aires hides a fantastic secret behind one of its refrigerator doors: the entrance to a bar underneath that serves up a variety of international cocktails and a full dinner menu. 

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Interior of Bart's
(Courtesy Bart's)

Bart's fictional back story is as colorful as the place itself. Set up as the private apartment of "Uncle Bart" and run by Chicago gangsters at its location in London, this speakeasy offers an extensive menu laid out on comics featuring the bar's namesake.   

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Crif Dogs restaurant speakeasy in NYC
©Owen Iverson/Flickr, Creative Commons)
Please Don't Tell Bar

A phone booth inside Crif's Dogs' New York City location will transport you to the swanky PDT—Please Don't Tell—Bar. Order deep fried hot dogs from Crif's while sipping original cocktails. 

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Raines Law Room
(©Brandon Schulman)
Raines Law Room

This New York speakeasy is a sumptuous small bar filled with antiques and a touch of 1920s kitsch. Press a buzzer to enter, another to summon a waitress and then relax on a velvet couch with a cocktail in hand.

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Ladies and Gents
(Courtesy Ladies and Gents)
Ladies and Gents

Ladies and Gents might be mistaken for a public bathroom. Once upon a time, it was. Now it's revamped into an underground neighborhood bar in London serving in-house distilled gin.

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Blind Barber
(Courtesy Blind Barber)
Blind Barber

The Blind Barber in New York offers clean cuts and styling products by day but when the sun goes down the bar behind the unmarked door in the back serves up cleverly named cocktails and an extensive grilled cheese selection.

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Bourbon and Branch
(Courtesy Bourbon and Branch)
Bourbon and Branch

Bourbon and Branch in San Francisco sits where a genuine speakeasy operated during Prohibition. For the full experience, make a reservation for The Wilson and give the password at the back door. A hostess will lead you to an even more secret drinking room.

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Interior of Green Door
(Courtesy The Green Door)
The Green Door

Behind a nondescript green door in Berlin there's a tiny space loved by locals and known for having the best cocktails in town. The retro decor features gingham wallpaper, '70s photos and a lit dog sculpture on the bar. 

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Bookcase door to The Back Room
(©Troy Hahn)
The Back Room

During the 1920s, New York's The Back Room was known as The Back of Ratner's, a favorite of actors and gangsters. It is filled with 1920s decor and a hidden bookcase door leads to an even more secretive back room.  

By Lisa Kaylor on 07/26/2017

When alcohol was outlawed in the 1920s, the number of American speakeasies skyrocketed.

Revelers in search of alcohol and good music could easily find the hidden joints underground or tucked in the back of a legal establishment; entry for many of these covert clubs was given with a code word whispered through a crack in the door. Even though alcohol has long been re-legalized secret bars—with an air of mystery, intrigue and exclusivity—are more popular than ever.