9 Attractions and Tours for Comic Book Super Fans

Watch the pages of your comic books come to life at these must-see comic-filled hotspots.

Comic book stories and superheroes tend to be everywhere in 2018, typically in the form of toys, clothing, films, costumes, books, TV shows and more. With an increase of interest in the genre, comic book characters and their stories make their way into theme parks, museums and conventions.

For the super fans who cannot get enough of characters on screen and in the pages of their books, they can elevate their comic experiences with several tours and attractions in the U.S.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

While there are plenty of things to see during the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood, comic lovers rush in for the DC Universe exhibit. With the opening of the new Justice League Exhibit, fans can explore Wonder Woman's Amazonian culture, view real-life props from DC films and take photos with authentic Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman costumes.

Incredible Hulk coaster

Universal Island of Adventure Theme Park

Universal's Marvel attractions are more than thrill rides. While visitors prepare for a 150-foot launch on The Incredible Hulk Coaster, the waiting area before the ride creates a full Hulk experience, complete with a research compound filled with experiments.

Next, witness the amazing adventures of Spider-Man. In this 4D experience, Spidey scales skyscrapers and takes back the Statue of Liberty from villains.

Gotham City Lounge

Traveling to the Big Apple? A stop in this superhero-themed dive bar is a must. Fans will immediately notice that the name of the bar comes from the home of Batman, who graces a mural on the building's exterior alongside Superman. Step inside and look down; the floor is covered in a comic book collage. More memorabilia fills the walls such as the shield of Captain America and a mural with characters like Wolverine and Deadpool. There's even a sign on the restroom that reads "bat cave." Don't forget to order a themed drink like Mr. Freeze or Storm. 

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Comics aren't all about heroes in tights and capes. Diehard Star Wars fans will tell you the saga continues in a series of comic books. For these readers, Disney's Hollywood Studios is the place to be. Take photos with Darth Vader, Chewbacca and BB8; practice Jedi training; watch a 10-minute film inside Launch Bay Theater and "jump into hyperspace" on the 3D galaxy ride.

Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Capture the moment with Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and Wolverine at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. The 4D wax figures look so real they could pass for their real-life counterparts.

Hall of Heros museum

Hall of Heroes Museum

"Hall of Heroes preserves the largest publicly displayed collection of superhero memorabilia including comic books, toys and original comic book and animation art," said Allen Stewart, the Hall of Heroes Museum executive director.

Located in Elkhart, Indiana, the museum isn't biased towards Marvel or DC—it's all on display, with more than 80 years of coverage.

"Hall of Heroes is a breathtaking trip through 80 years of superhero history that will make you feel like a kid again," said Stewart.

The museum also has replicas from the 1960s Batman series and the original shield used in the Captain America films, among other vintage comic book items.

Superhero Tour of New York

NYC, or a fictitious version of NYC, is the setting for many superhero stories. On this tour, perfect for both adults and children, visitors will see where the Avengers allegedly fought for humanity, peek at the former office of the "Batman" creator and see set locations from "Spider-Man," "Batman" and "Men in Black" films. 

Six Flags ride

Six Flags 

Fans of DC Comics can join the Justice League at just about any Six Flags in America. The amusement park teamed up with DC to bring visitors rides such as Gotham City Crime Wave, Harley Quinn Spinsanity and Wonder Woman Flight School just to name a few.

San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con, or SDCC, was started in 1970 by a group of people interested in comics, movies and science-fiction.  The event began as a one-day convention with just 100 attendees. After gaining attention from notable comic legends such as Jack Kirby, the convention began to grow each year.

Today, SDCC has more than 130,000 attendees, often maxing out the capacity of the event space. Fans look forward to attending panels led by actors and celebrities in movies and television series based off of comics. Other convention attractions include workshops, previews of upcoming films, seminars, games and photo opportunities.

Event-goers even come dressed in their favorite costumes and participate in cosplaying (or costume playing). 

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