50+ Travel Tips to Inspire Your Next Adventure

A look at the best travel hacks, genius trip tips and most inspiring places, as chosen by the users of social 'tips' network Trusper

At Where, we're all about traveling better, traveling farther, and having better experiences. So when the folks from Trusper—an app-driven social network that lets users share personal tips on everything from beauty to travel—launched their travel section this fall, we followed them closely.

Their users loaded some great tips (we loaded some of ours as well, and you can find Where's own travel tips here), and after 30 days, the folks at Trusper polled their users to identify the best tips. We've reprinted the best tips below to help you get inspired for your next trip.

Places That Inspire Us

First, there were the amazing tips on stunning places that begged for us to rewrite our bucket list (including places like the Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake on the Argentina-Chile border).

20 Most Amazing Hotels in the World! by Esther Moran on Trusper.

The Places to See Before You Die, by LeaIsabella Bates on Trusper.

Beautiful Places on Earth! by Melody on Trusper.

The World's Scary But Cool Bridges, by Sam on Trusper.

Great Places to See While Visiting NYC, by Ashley Nicole on Trusper.

Genius Travel Hacks

And then there were travel hacks that would save us time on the road and make our trips even easier (we loved the tip on traveling with a power strip to be the hero at the airport when everyone needs a battery boost on their smart phone):

Travel Hacks That Will Change The Way You Pack! by Brooke Vandergriff on Trusper.

40 Genius Travel Tips That Will Change Your Life! by Esther Moran on Trusper.

Things to Do on a Long Car Trip, by Jessica Denver on Trusper.