15 Places Your (Rich) Accountant Is Vacationing in 2018

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View of bridge in Bangkok
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Turks and Caicos Islands
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Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos is the ultimate beach getaway. Your financial advisor is probably dreaming of Conch Bar Caves or parasailing at the Beaches of Providenciales as we speak. They may even be relaxing under a cabana being served cocktails by beach valet.

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Women biking
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Buenos Aires

For a nightlife like no other, put your tax return towards a Buenos Aires vacation. Its neighborhoods offer great eats, luxury, French architecture, cinema and bookstores. Being the birthplace of tango, tourists come to experience the culture through dance, music, films and art exhibitions at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival

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Cancun, Mexico
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Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a perfect luxury getaway. Imagine jet skiing, snorkeling and deep sea diving or enjoying Cancun's booming nightlife. By day, your accountant is relaxing at Mandala Beach Club which offers a pool, cabanas, food and drinks. By night, Mandala turns into a huge pool party with national performing artists and bottle service.

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View of Korcula
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Korcula, Croatia

Unwinding after tax season is a must, which is why your account booked a vacation to Korcula, Croatia, a coastal destination with charming beaches. Korcula Adventures offers Croatian travel experiences, both on and off the water, in the way of snorkeling, yachting, wake boarding and wine tasting

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Nadi, Fiji
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Nadi, Fiji

If your accountant ran away to Fiji, we couldn't blame them. Cruises are offered with continental breakfast, Champagne, beach barbecue lunches, complimentary beverages and the use of snorkeling equipment. And how could they miss out on experiencing Fiji's longest zip line or relaxing in Nadi's natural mud bath?

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Amalfi Coast, Italy
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Amalfi Coast, Italy

Warm-toned cluster of houses, mountains and sea make up this beautiful paradise. Visitors tour the Museo Correale, can hike with Cartotrekking, swim at Mariana Grande Beach and eat pasta and clams, a popular local dish.

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Mykonos, Greexe
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Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos, Greece, is a beautiful getaway that'd give anyone a much needed mental break. A stay at Rocabella Hotel entails spa treatments, award-winning breakfast, all-day cocktails and a pool with a blue and white backdrop of Mykonos. Whether this vacation is spent indulging in the party culture or laid back by the beach, visitors are sure to leave more rejuvenated than before.

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Saphan Bhumibol in Bangkok
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Bangkok, Thailand

After long hours in the office your accountant needed to discover something new, so they may have booked a vacation to Bangkok to experience Dusit ZooSafari World and Siam Park City; tour  The Grand Palace and Wat Saket; and eat delicious dishes at Le Du Restaurant, Sühring Bangkok, Eat Me and Bo.Lan

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MArina entrance in Dubai
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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Exciting adventure awaits in Dubai such as IMG Worlds of Adventure, the world's largest indoor theme park; Legoland and Motiongate, theme parks for children; Bollywood Parks, a park dedicated to the film industry; and Kite Beach, a beach filled with food trucks, a skate park, outdoor trampolines and an adventure gym.

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Beach in San Andres
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San Andrés, Colombia

San Andrés experiences far less tourism than The Bahamas and Cayman Islands, making it a great getaway. Surrounded by white-sand beaches, John Cay Natural Regional Park is one of San Andrés' most popular destinations. Boat rides, swimming and sunbathing mean that vacationers spend the entire day here. There are even waiters who cater to visitors' hunger and thirst. 

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Valetta, Malta
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Valleta, Malta

Valetta is the 2018 European Capital of Culture. The city is celebrating island life all year in 2018 with a festival of theater, music, art and more. Plus, Valetta is a dream vacation for artists and history buffs alike. It offers fascinating architectural designs at the Parliament House, St. John's Co-Cathedral and Hal Saflieni Hypogeum. Even better, Malta is a top LGBTIQ-friendly destination

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View of Ibiza
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Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza became a familiar destination to Americans well before Mike Posner's hit 2016 song, "I Took a Pill in Ibiza." Vacationers travel to Ibiza to party with the world's best DJs in the most innovative clubs that are part of the world-famous Ibizan nightlife. When the parties stop, vacationers typically bicycle through the countryside to enjoy the vineyards and fresh spring bloom.


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South Bank in Brisbane
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Brisbane, Australia

The list of reasons your accountant is traveling to Brisbane is a long one—Streets Beach, Australia's only beach in the middle of a city; Moreton Island, known for great whale watching, stargazing and sunset safaris; and destination dining, where good eats and scenic views meet.

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Christ Redeemer statue in Rio
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Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Being a sports fan, your accountant couldn't miss a trip to Rio de Janeiro after getting glimpses of the city during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. For the full Rio experience, vacationers can take a tour with panoramic views via cable car. The tour stops include the Christ Redeemer, Corcovado Mountain and Sugarloaf Mountain—Rio's most famous landmarks.

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Sunset in Honolulu
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Honolulu, Hawaii

Hula dancing, luaus and delicious Hawaiian cuisine are all things on your accountant's itinerary. After sightseeing at Hawaii's finest beaches and national parks, photographing the most pristine waterfalls and eating like a local, your accountant may not return home for next year's tax season.

By Jasmyn Snipes Louis

Tax season is only three and a half months long. From January 1 through April 15 accountants work endless hours filing taxes and reviewing financial reports, but what are accountants doing from April 16 to December 31? We might have an idea.

With all that money made during tax season, accountants are taking a much needed vacation to these luxurious destinations, which you too can put your tax return towards. 

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