15 Arcade Bars Where You Can Relive Your Childhood

Play the retro games of decades gone by at these locations.
If you grew up in the '80s your childhood happened during the golden age of arcade games. Kids would fill their pockets with quarters and head down to the local arcade to challenge friends in games like Space Invaders and Galaga.With modern day consoles and home entertainment systems, the popularity of the arcade decreased over the years but there are still arcade locations to enjoy. These are some of the best arcade bars to play those retro games while enjoying a cold adult beverage.
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Arrive at this Chicago arcade and bar early as the line has been seen out the door. Order drinks such as the Cereal Killer cocktail, a combination of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and bourbon.

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Spread across a few Eastern states, this arcade bar franchise has quickly become one of the most popular barcade brands. The Brooklyn location is where a few gaming records, such as the Donkey Kong high score, have been set.

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This arcade is so beloved by locals that its been saved from being demolished. If you love pinballs, the large selection and variety found here is a must-play.


Think you have what it takes to join a Skee-ball league here? The delicious pizza, giant arcade and selection of more than 60 beers on tap are what keeps customers coming back.

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The cocktails served here are named after the arcade games around the building. Any game you can think of can be found here and the drink specials make this place an affordable date night.

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Beer, video games and chicken wings—what’s not to like? This bar arcade is known for its wings. You’ll have to visit in person to see what’s on tap as new beers are constantly rotated in.


Bring a group of your friends and try the popular arcade strategy game Killer Queen; the first of its kind that involves 10 people. In between matches, order a drink from one of the largest selections of craft beer in the country.

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Located just outside downtown Cleveland, the drink menu here is named after celebrities. We recommend the Ice T, a blend of sweet tea vodka and lemonade. Be sure to check out one of the many special events.

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If you prefer wine instead of beer check out this retro arcade's large selection of wine. Play classics such as Frogger and Tetris and maybe even a beer pong version of Donkey Kong.  

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Consider a visit to 1up’s enormous arcade and beer selection if you love microbrews. The selection of local craft beer includes 10 of the most popular in Denver such as the Great Divide Brewing Company and more.

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How about live DJs, comedy shows and game tournaments while you play and drink? You can even rent the entirety of Ground Kontrol for a private event.

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Visit Brewcade in San Fran and order the "Grape Drank" wine slushie. Monday nights mean the Super Trashed Bros events—hosts that add drinking games to your video games.

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Founded in 1952, this arcade was declared the world's largest by Guinness World Records with more than 600 games. There's also a bowling alley, mini-golf course and restaurant.


Check out this arcade bar's special cocktail menu named after the games found inside. Every night there's a different food truck, barbeque pit or taco stand in the parking lot so it's definitely a must-visit. It's also the home of the LA Pinball League. 

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Just outside of downtown Atlanta, this bar has house cocktails named after famous video game characters. They even have "Boozie Slushies" to cool you down during those hot Atlanta summers. Be sure to visit when 95th St Tacos is catering.