12 European Cities That Love American Football

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red archway over a bridge
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night time view of Vienna
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The Vienna Vikings is a team you don't want to miss in Austria. They've won the Eurobowl five times since 2004. While in town, try the wine-tasting bike tour through the Wachau Valley.

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aerial view of Prague
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Here you can watch the Prague Black Panthers continue their dominance of the Polish league—they appeared in 24 of the past 25 Czech Bowls. Be sure to grab a Czech beer at a local pub and tour the historic Gothic architecture throughout the city.

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stadium with american football
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With the NFL moving more and more games to Wembley Stadium, London is a no-brainer to visit for football fans. After the game, world-renowned museums, opera houses and theaters await your visit.

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Aerial view over istanbul neighborhood
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You can find many collegiate and semipro teams in Istanbul, such as the ITU Hornets. Consider a trip to the Topkapi Palace or the Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum.

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orange leaves and a bridge
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Toulouse, France

This city in southern France is host to a few major and minor league teams to choose from, including the Comets, a women's only team. Visit the pink Church of Jacobins museum for its beautiful courtyard or the Theatre du Capitole for its home to the ballet, symphony orchestra and opera.

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shopping mall exterior
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Braunschweig, Germany

Named the New Yorker Lions, the team from Braunschweig won seven German Bowls and two Eurobowls on its way to becoming a modern powerhouse. Visit the Schloss Arkaden shopping mall or the Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum to enjoy one of Europe's oldest art museums.

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beaches of Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Not only can you watch the Barcelona Buffalos as a fan, but you can also participate as a player and benefit from free training. Relax after a game on the gorgeous beaches or partake in the city's popular nightlife.

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busy cobblestone city center
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Krakow, Poland

With an active 74 teams in 2013, the American football craze is strong in Poland. Try watching games by the Krakow Tigers in the Polish American Football League that uses rules from the NCAA rulebook. Afterward, enjoy a piano concert at the Chopin Gallery performed by award-winning composers.

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red arch above bridge
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Similar to the NFL's New England Patriots, the Moscow Patriots dominate the League of American Football, Russia's version of the NFL. If you prefer to root for the underdog, cheer for the Moscow Dragons who are still searching for their first championship and then take a scenic walking tour of historic Moscow.

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Scottish town with trees
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Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish city of Edinburgh is one of the first cities in Europe to host an organized American football team. You can root for the professional Edinburgh Wolves or the collegiate Napier Knights and Edinburgh Predators.

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Berlin at night
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American football in Germany has an enormous following and boasts many strong teams in the German Football League. Berlin is a city rich with history and art to explore after a game.

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large bell tower
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Kiev, Ukraine

The gridiron in Kiev can be enjoyed by watching the Bandits and Slavs teams compete in the newly formed Ukrainian League of American Football. Tour the city for remarkable architecture at places like the Saint Sophia Cathedral.

By Tyler Carnahan

Similar to the feeling in the United States Europeans treat American football as more than just a game. It's a day of family entertainment that includes delicious food and other events.

From London to Istanbul, Europeans are picking up the pigskin and playing in both amateur and professional leagues. Although you'll have to wait for the NFL to have a home in Europe, you can visit these stunning European cities now to satisfy your love of American football while abroad.

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