10 Bike-friendly Cities Every Adventurer Will Love

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Photograph Along the 100-mile Loop that rings Tucson, Arizona
Courtesy BikeGaba
Tucson, Arizona

The city of Tucson boasts over 1,000 miles of paved bike paths and lanes, according to Pima Association of Government. The "Infamous Loop" is the name of the 100-mile trails circling the city. Every Saturday hundreds of cyclists meet for the city's Shootout ride where participants pedal up the 27-mile Mount Lemmon. 


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Biking in Vienna, Austria
©WienTourismus/Peter Rigaud
Vienna, Austria

According to the City of Vienna, the growing metropolitan has the lowest car ownership in the country making for a relatively traffic calm city. This, mixed with the successful cargo bike sharing program makes biking around this city a breeze. Experience how passionate this city is about bicycling by attending the annual Argus Bike Festival each April. Find everything from a bicycle flea market to workshops at the the country's largest bike event.


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Biking the city streets if Copenhagen Denmark.
Courtesy Danish Cycling Federation
Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen was elected the first Bike City. This comes as no surprise in a city boasting almost 250 miles of bike lanes, many of which separate bike and car traffic via a curb system, as illustrated on the Cycling Embassy of Denmark. Copenhagen is also home to Scandinavia's largest bike event, Copenhagen Bike Show. The event attracts every kind of biker from urban to mountain bikers. Find exhibition zones offering the latest bicycle products to the most practical urban biking accessories. 

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FIlm by Bike Film Festival
©Nick Rowley/Filmed by Bike
Portland, Oregon

For years, Portland has been recognized by Bicycling magazine as the No. 1 bike-friendly city in America. It's also a "platinum" bicycle-friendly community according to the League of American Bicyclists and the Portland Bureau of Transportation. The city has a successful bike rental program to help navigate the city. To celebrate bike culture in Portland, visit during Filmed by Bike. The two-day spring festival shows screenings of all bike-themed short films from around the globe.

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Roaming the Tokyo streets by bicycle
Courtesy Tokyo Great Cycling Tour

In Tokyo locals pedal on the sidewalk, ding bells at pedestrians to politely signal "watch out" and frequently neglecting to lock up their bicycles. Guide books such as the Japan Cycling Handbook advise against many of these practices. Still, take a look around Tokyo's crowded, urban environment and might just appear, when it comes to bike etiquette, it's ok to throw most caution to the wind in exchange for a little controlled chaos. It's a truly Perhaps just as laid-back as the bicycle etiquette is The Japanese Odyssey. The cycling adventure begins in Tokyo and trails deep into the forest of Honshu. Participants have 10 days to cross 12 checkpoints and are encouraged to remember the cycling event is a test of endurance, not a race.

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Biking around Montreal, Canada
Courtesy BIXI
Montréal, Canada

Montréal, Canada, boasts more than 400 miles of bike paths and the city plans to continue expanding as outlined in Montréal’s Cycling Master Plan. Locals and visitors alike can cruise around the city thanks to Montréal's large-scale bike-sharing program, BIXI. For a packed and fun-filled bike festival checkout the popular féria du vélo de Montréal (Montréal Bike Fest) which has been taking place since 1999. Thousands of cyclists flood the city in celebration of summer.

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Biking in Amsterdam
©Fietsplatform/Ruud Slagmolen

A city as flat and temperate as Amsterdam cannot go without mentioning. Nearly half of the city's populous make daily commutes across the near 450 miles of bike path and cycle lanes. From locals pedaling along the city streets dropping their children off at school to tourists cruising the city on a guided tour, it's a city built for biking culture. In Holland Bike Festival is a two-day bike party filled with 

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Biking up and down Colorado
Courtesy Cycling Festival Europe
Boulder, Colorado

It comes as no surprise that the mild temperatures and scenic views in Boulder, Colorado, make it an excellent contender for a bike-friendly city. According to Boulder Colorado USA, the city is home to 200 miles of public bike paths ranging from soft-surface to paved, impressive for a city that is just shy of 30 square miles. Mountain bike lovers at the Boulder Mountainbike Festival each year. 

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The Great Spring Bicyle Parade
©Bertalan Soós/Hungarian Cyclists' Club
Budapest, Hungary

The draw that Budapest, Hungary, has over any other city is its diverse terrain. Buda offers hilly terrain while Pest—the other half of the capital, just across the river—offers flat city streets. There are a little over 100 miles of bike paths that take visitors and locals across beautiful parks and around bustling city streets. For extra adventure, take the Danube Bike Path all the way to Germany. Or perhaps attend The Great Spring Bicycle Parade falling every year on April 22. Hundreds of cyclists flood the city for the annual event. The parade is aimed at promoting urban cycling and highlight the need for any bike-related infrastructure the city lacks. 


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Strasbourg, France
©David Leveque/ Unsplash
Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg, France, can be considered a relatively traffic-calm city with many of its streets closed to cars. Due to this, many residents choose to travel by bike and bicycle security is also top-notch with video-surveillance hovering over many bike parking stations, according to Anglo Info. Not to mention the highly successful Vélhop which offers bike sharing options.  


By Savanna Syms on 04/06/2018

Cruising a city by bicycle is not only great exercise, it also gives locals and tourists a unique view of that city. Whether it sounds thrilling to cycle the crowded city streets of Tokyo, Japan, or you prefer a calm cruise across the low-traffic streets of Vienna, Austria, there's a bike-friendly destination waiting. So pump your tires, strap on that helmet and start pedaling the bike-friendly city that's perfect for you.