In the Swim

Gents seem to prefer the one-stop approach to shopping, if they have to do it at all. There’s a sea of options for men’s swimwear to be found at one address, the handsomely landscaped Biltmore Fashion Park—and there’s free covered parking on the northwest end of the center.

Tommy Bahama is an obvious starting point, as the brand is founded on the “island lifestyle”; trunks for 2011 come in requisite florals, plaids, and some cool graphic patterns (pictured; 602.508.9888).

Ralph Lauren has trunks in madras plaid, a koi pattern, and two spectrums of paisley (602.952.0155).

Brooks Brothers is showing swimsuits in gingham, embroidered lobsters, and a sea-horse print (602.957.2061).

»And while
The Clotherie stocks a variety of luxury labels for men, its swimwear brand is exclusively Nat Nast (602.956.8600).

24th St. & Camelback Rd.,