My Perfect Day in the Valley of the Sun: Starr Urbatsch

Simple Phoenix pleasures enjoyed by career “cactus caretaker” and agave/aloe collections manager of Desert Botanical Garden.

The agave/aloe collections manager of Desert Botanical Garden imagines a perfect—and perfectly attainable—day for herself.

Morning: Alive at Five

My ideal day? The simpler the better. Sleep in until 5 am (I’m usually up at 4). Take my time getting ready for the day. Grab my husband Bruce, walk out the door, and go for a morning stroll around the neighborhood and up to our local park. After that, hop in the car and head for Lux in central Phoenix for some of the best coffee around.

Midday: Looks and Books

Tummies now full and the juices flowing, how about a hike? Probably someplace fairly close, like Dreamy Draw Recreation Area near 24th Street and Northern. Great views of the Sonoran Desert. Lots of trails. Hike for an hour or so. Then bookstore time: Barnes & Noble at Tempe Marketplace, where we can peruse to our hearts’ content.

Barnes & Noble

Evening: Red Sauce, then Redbox

OK, heads are now full, but stomachs say it may be time for a late lunch/early dinner. Italian sounds good. Head to Oregano’s in Tempe. Text my son Deagan to check in and see how his day is going. It’s been a wonderfully relaxing day, how about we finish up with picking up a movie at Redbox? Bruce makes the best popcorn in the universe. Yeah, that’s my ideal day.

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