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Jay Rogers' Perfect Phoenix Itinerary

Local Motors’ Jay Rogers gives us his dream itinerary for one day in the the Valley of the Sun. Borrow from his favorites for your own adventure.

Jay Rogers spends his time leading Local Motors, a unique automotive company focused on crowd-sourced, customized vehicle build-outs. His operations in the Phoenix area build the Rally Fighter, a street-legal rally car. Where spoke with Rogers about why he loves Phoenix, and we also asked what his ideal day in the Valley of the Sun might include. This is the itinerary he gave us:

Morning: Hiking to the Peak

"I would start the day with my boys waking us up and me taking them all for a hike to the top of Piestewa Peak while my wife gets to sleep in (something she rarely gets to do). On the way to the trail, we will certainly be listening to Hector Berlioz for my oldest son, and on the way back we will be rockin' Katy Perry for my younger boys (takes a brave young man to rock out to such awesomeness). We would be up and down the mountain in an hour and a half and headed home for bananas Foster pancakes made by the best cook in the Valley. Next up, a round of push-ups for me and the boys is part of our morning ritual to get them ready to be strong men."

The view from Piestewa Peak over the Valley of the Sun
Piestewa Peak (©AZNaturalist/Creative Commons)

Afternoon: Rallying in the Desert

"We’d jump in a Rally Fighter and head out for a trail run from Lake Pleasant to Crown King up the 'back way' ... pedal mashed. Make a short stop at the fire tower at Horse Thief Basin for the best view in the Valley. Then, burritos in Crown King for lunch and a run down the front road through Bumble Bee; stop in New River to see our friends, and motorcycle-makers, the Del Prado brothers, listening to Fun, The Black Keys and Hank Williams Jr. along the way. Back at home: an afternoon nap at home, while the boys read their books and the baby naps."

Evening: Dinner and a Movie

"Get dressed (jean and boots) and go out with a couple of our friends to the Tuck Shop for great drinks, a quiet dinner and sublime desserts. After that, a comedy film at Cinema Suites—preferably something with Steve Carell—for a great laugh. Then home for an evening with my girl!"

Movie seat button
Guests of AMC Esplanade Cinema Suites can request refreshments from their movie seats. (©AMC Dine-In Theatres)