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My Valley of the Sun: Robin Yount (Milwaukee Brewers) & daughter Amy

Milwaukee Brewers/Major League Baseball Hall of Fame fielder Robin Yount and daughter Amy discuss their lives and lifestyles in Arizona.

He played 20 seasons with the Milwaukee Brewers and has kept a home in Phoenix even longer. She’s one of his four children, and the owner of two fashion boutiques: Amy Inc. in Scottsdale and Mae & Marie in Phoenix.

When and why did you establish a home in Arizona?

Robin: We moved here in 1983 from Los Angeles after living in a one-room hotel with my wife and three kids (all under four years old) for seven weeks of spring training, which was enough to motivate us to move here. We’ve lived in the same house we built in Paradise Valley since then, and have one more child.

Amy: I have lived in Arizona on and off since I was one. I was born in Milwaukee because it was during baseball season, but split time between there and here until I was 13. I spent my teenage years in Arizona, lived in Los Angeles and New York City during college, and I currently live in Arcadia [Phoenix] with my dog George.

To what extent are you active in the world of baseball today?

R: I am still active with the Milwaukee Brewers by going to spring training for a week or two, attending certain functions, and doing some PR. I am also involved with a summer college league team in Milwaukee.

If you weren’t the owner of two boutiques, what other line of work can you imagine doing?

A: Interior design. I seem to get lost in magazines like Elle Décor and Architectural Digest, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for me in this department.

What leisure activities do you pursue in Arizona?

R: I really enjoy hunting and fishing, riding motorcycles all over the state, and restoring old motorcycles.

A: I love walks and hikes, and I look forward to playing golf weekly, someday, when my schedule permits.

What do you find to be the biggest misconception about Arizona?

R: A lot of people think of Arizona as only desert. We have tons of beautiful high country as well—great mountains and pine forests with deer and elk.

A: That it is always hot. I beg to differ, as I love to stock and wear my favorite leather and fur every fall, winter and early spring.

Where do you take VIP visitors to give them a favorable introduction to the area?

R: I've taken friends to play golf at Desert Highlands or Paradise Valley Country Club, and then to Don & Charlie’s for dinner so we can see all the amazing sports memorabilia.

A: I take visitors to hike Camelback Mountain, shop and drink in Old Town Scottsdale, and eat at Elements (for the view) or El Chorro (al fresco).

Where do you go to celebrate special occasions?

R: Usually Mastro’s City Hall and sometimes Binkley’s.

A: City Hall.

Mastro’s City Hall
The lounge at Mastro’s City Hall (©Mastro’s)

What’s your #1 favorite type of food, and who does it best on the local scene?

R: Probably Mexican, although I really enjoy Italian too. I would say Barrio Cafe is my favorite Mexican restaurant, but I would never turn down a good steak from City Hall or a cheeseburger from Hillstone.

A: Mexican, I love the ambience, décor and food at Joyride and the new Diego Pops but I give into Ajo Al’s when I’m exhausted and just want to get takeout.

When you travel, where do you go? Are you a luggage-checker or a carry-on passenger?

R: My wife and I regularly go to Colorado. As I said before, I really love the outdoors. We usually drive when we go there so packing is not an issue. I can go either way though—when it comes to short airline trips, I carry-on, but on long trips, I check.

A: I regularly travel to LA and NY for business and I always carry-on. I sort of have it down no matter how long I’m gone, and swear by my Louis Vuitton rolling suitcase; it magically fits way more than the eye can see and is never too heavy to load in the overheads.

What one attraction/shop/restaurant you discovered on a trip do you wish could be transplanted to Arizona?

R: I really love to snow ski. We have ski areas here [but] I would love to bring Colorado skiing here.

A: Central Park in New York City. It is a wonderful mixture of nature, activities and people that allows visitors and locals to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Robin Yount statue
Robin Yount statue at Miller Park in Milwaukee, Wis. (©Daveynin/Creative Commons)

Robin Yount’s perfect day in Arizona:

• Morning: I’d have my motorcycle packed with my fishing gear and would head for the White Mountains. I would stop in Payson for breakfast at a little cafe, and then ride for another hour and a half to one of my favorite trout streams.

• Afternoon: Fish all afternoon—hopefully catching some nice rainbows and browns.

• Evening: I’d make my way back to Phoenix for dinner at one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants, Rusconi’s, with my wife Michele.

Mogollon Rim in Payson area
Mogollon Rim in Payson (©Jedijoe82/Creative Commons)

Amy Yount’s perfect day in Arizona:

• Morning: I’d rise and throw on one of my favorite Camilla dresses while looking at Camelback Mountain out my bedroom window, and then stop at The Henry for a wildflower latte before heading to Sedona with my ideal man on a little Cessna.

• Afternoon: We’d brunch along the river at L’Auberge, go for a walk, and then jet home for golf with my grandparents who, when alive, lived on the course of Pinnacle Peak Country Club.

• Evening: We would gather the extended family for an evening mimicking our Christmas night celebrations: signature dishes like my mom’s creamed spinach and my uncle Larry’s special pork, our white elephant game, and priceless family conversation.

Sedona Airport
The single, scenic runway at Sedona Airport (©Shane Torgerson/Creative Commons)